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Faculty Newsletter - February 2016


NY's New Active Learning Classrooms (ALC): W510 and W511

Following the success of Miller 21 and Miller 22 redesigns on the Pleasantville campus, we have two newly designed rooms that foster interactive, flexible, and student-centered learning experiences.  The Active Learning Classrooms allow students to collaborate and work in groups or work individually.  Room designs include: Multiple LED displays & writable walls, Flexible furniture & charging stations, Mobile Instructor Podium.


NY - 1 Pace Plaza Rm W510 and W511

PLV - Miller Hall Rm M21and M22

Video Conference Rooms: Miller16 and E319

The Video Conference rooms have received a long overdue redesign to provide a better interactive and viewing experience for cross campus collaboration.

Willcox Lecture Hall

Willcox Lecture Hall has also been added providing an additional large 120 seat lecture hall space.

Willcox Multipurpose Room

In addition to the Willcox Lecture Hall, there has also been an addition of a much needed multipurpose room for various events.


Did you know instructors have access to free course materials? Integrate OER into your lesson plan this spring.

What is OER?

OER stands for Open Educational Resources. The key word being open, referring to that fact that OERs are academic materials in the public domain. The OER movement is based on the principle that information should be shared and intellectual collaboration should be encouraged.

One form of OER are eTextbooks which educators can redistribute and remix to fit their unique classroom needs. OERs can be used to supplement or replace increasingly expensive traditional course materials.

What's available?

Pace Library's Open Access LibGuide is a collection of open access (free) resources. This includes e-journals, e-books, and miscellaneous other resources such as...

For more information contact Beth Gordon ( 


The Digital Measures has a new user interface (UI) as of Thursday, December 31st. Changes to the layout and navigation provide an enhanced experience. 

Please visit on the Academic Technologies' Digital Toolkit to access a video tour of the new user interface and see additional resources on the new UI. For questions regarding this update, please contact the Office of Academic Technologies via email


WordPress services were migrated to EduBlogs services over the Winter break. This migration provides a stable blog environment that is managed and monitored to ensure valid and secure features, such as themes and plugins, are evaluated and applied appropriately. Edublogs also offers a community where users can discuss new features and questions along with a wide array of training support documents, guides, and tutorials. Learn more


In our Internet-based society it is imperative to keep personal information secure and understand risks. Tips like not sharing passwords and creating secure passwords are simple, but you might be unknowingly sharing your personal information.

How do you protect yourself on social media and online?
There are many ways you can take control of the information you make public and your online activities.

  • Periodically check your social media privacy policies and settings.  Setting accounts to private allows only those who you select as 'friends' or part of your network to access the information.  To further protect yourself, remove addresses, phone numbers and birthdate from any postings.  If the information is necessary, then you can supply it upon request. When posting personal information to public social media accounts such as ePortfolio, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you leave yourself vulnerable to identity thieves. Once information is made public, it is virtually impossible to remove.
  • Careful when browsing the Internet.  Your browser stores lots of information about your online activities, including cookies, cached pages, and history.  Limit access by using the browser's private mode.
  • Using WiFi? If only public wifi is available, restrict your activity to simple searches.  No banking! Or use VPN.  VPN provides an encrypted tunnel between you and the sites you visit.
  • Can you trust Apps? Only use apps from reputable sources. Check out reviews from users and other trusted sources before downloading anything unfamiliar.

Traveling anywhere soon?
If you are traveling with a laptop or mobile device, remove or encrypt confidential information. Users with Pace-owned equipment, please contact the ITS Help Desk to ensure you have proper security software on your devices before traveling.

  • Avoid announcing your travel plans. This is a tough one, as many people want to share upcoming vacation plans, but divulging this type of information can make you vulnerable to local or online thieves. When traveling avoid using social media to "check in" to airports and consider posting vacation photos after you return.  Click here to find out how burglars are using your vacation postings to target you.

What can you do to physically protect your devices?
Use a laptop lock, avoid carrying identification cards, shred sensitive paperwork before recycling and be careful of "shoulder surfers" at ATMs.

  • Limit personal information stored on devices.  Use tools like Identity Finder to locate your personally identifiable information (e.g., SSN, credit card numbers, or bank accounts) on your computer, then secure or remove that information.  Also limiting how much information syncs on your devices helps in protecting the amount of information that is shared across accounts such as email.

For more security best practices, go to: IT Security.


Students actively utilizing ePortfolio are encouraged to submit their work in the ePortfolio contest this Spring.

Winners receive a $100 visa gift card and will be recognized at the ePortfolio Student Showcase Ceremonies. Learn more


As of Fall 2015, faculty, staff, contractor and departmental accounts were migrated to the Microsoft 2013 server. Westchester Alumni accounts were also upgraded in early December. Below is the remaining schedule for Students and Alumni accounts.

  • Law Student Accounts: Completed Sunday, January 31st
  • Westchester Student Accounts: Begins Sunday, February 7th
  • NY Alumni Accounts: Begins Sunday, February 28th
  • NY Student Accounts: Begins Sunday, March 20th

Each of these group accounts will receive notifications with additional instructions. Dates are subject to change. For more details visit: Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Upgrade


Academic Technologies' Webinar Wednesdays series offers an in-depth look at technologies related to teaching and learning. Webinars focus on a specific technology and offer best practices, tips, tutorials, and suggestions. 

  • Topic: Open Education Resources
    Date: Wednesday, February 24th: 12:10PM-1:10PM
  • Topic: Active Learning Strategies
    Date: Wednesday, March 9th: 12:10PM-1:10PM
  • Topic: NBC Learn, YouTube, and Kaltura Videos in Blackboard
    Date: Wednesday, March 30th: 12:10PM-1:10PM
  • Topic: Online Assessment Tools
    Date: Wednesday, April 13th: 12:10PM-1:10PM
  • Topic: Creating Blackboard Tests - Publisher banks and txt, doc, and xls files
    Date: Wednesday, April 27th: 12:10PM-1:10PM
  • Topic: Open Forum
    Date: Wednesday, May 11th: 12:10PM-1:10PM

For more information and updated schedules go to


Join Academic Technologies on the below dates to learn about emerging mobile technologies to enhance how we  communicate and share ideas.     

  • Wednesday, February 17th: 12:20PM-1:15PM: Miller 16 and Civic E319
  • Monday, March 14th: 12:00PM-1:00PM: Miller 16 and Civic E319
  • Wednesday, April 20th: 12:20PM-1:15PM: Miller 16 and Civic E319
  • Monday, May 9th: 12:10PM-1:10PM: Miller 16 and Civic E319


Pace University assesses a Technology Fee to ensure students have access to the latest instructional technology resources available.  All revenue generated from the technology fee goes directly towards funding instructional technology initiatives that are focused on enhancing the student learning experience. Learn more 

Spring Proposal Submission Deadlines

All proposals must be submitted by the following dates for review and evaluation.

  • Monday, February 8th for the February 22nd meeting
  • Monday, March 28th for the April 11th meeting

Spring 2016 Meetings

  • Monday, February 22nd: 12:00PM-1:00PM: VC Rooms (PLV Miller 16 and NY E319)

Monday, April 11th: 12:00PM-1:00PM: VC Rooms (PLV Miller 16 and NY E319)


Step 1: Configure wireless devices (laptop, iPad, Smartphone) to connect to PACE-OPEN. (This is a one-time process.)
Step 2: Follow instructions to automatically configure and register the device for PACE-WIRELESS.

When complete, the device needs to be connected to PACE-WIRELESS and all certificates must be trusted. To check if your device is registered, go to How do I check if my device is registered?

Need wireless access for a visitor? Create wireless-only guest accounts and follow Guest connection instructions.

Learn more