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Staff Newsletter - February 2015

New Service:

 Want to enhance your business, creative, or programming skills and/or background knowledge on a specific topic?  Locate high-quality video courses all in one location!  Customize your own video tutorial playlist to obtain the literacy you need for projects or tasks. Learn more...

Teaching a course? Use to build a course list (playlist) for students to help supplement class skill sets. 

Training staff? Create training curriculum specific to your needs!


Upcoming Services

Poll Everywhere

This tool allows you to poll individuals through their mobile devices about various topics and get instant (and anonymous) results in PowerPoint or Keynote, on any web page, and using any web browser. View a presentation on the tool here.


This video management platform will be included within Blackboard and gives instructors access to a video library with over 300,000 web publishers. Professors can embed YouTube videos, record videos, and upload video content to their course shells.

Lab Archives

This electronic lab notebook software is designed to organize student notes, preserve data, and increase collaboration. Instructors can give students constructive feedback at any time and students can download all work as a PDF.


Conduct Meetings and/or Courses Virtually

 For Meetings: Microsoft Lync can be used to conduct meetings while off campus. No need to call the switchboard for conference calls. 

For Class: Blackboard Collaborate is available through course shells and can be recorded for later viewing.  

Emergency Notification Contact Information 

Keep your contact information updated to receive emergency notifications such as weather-related alerts. Sign up or update your information at  

Note: Use your MyPace Portal Username and Password to log in.  To modify or no longer receive notifications, log in and modify or remove the additional methods of notification (i.e. phone number and alternate emails). Learn more...

Lecture Capture Cleanup

Starting Monday, March 16th, recordings that are over 3-years old (recordings created prior to January 1st, 2012) will be permanently deleted.

For information on how to save your recordings and the cleanup schedule, please refer to Echo Retirement.  

If you need assistance or have questions on this process, please contact the Ed Media Services office on your campus.

Stay Protected

What are phishing scams?

Phishing scams are designed to look legitimate and trick you into disclosing private information such as your Social Security number, credit card numbers, or accounts and passwords. Scammers use language designed to get you to act right away. Phishing emails may not only look authentic, but may include a familiar sender's name and/or email address in the "From" field.

Fake online web forms

Scammers frequently redirect the links in their phishing emails to fake ("cloned") online forms, which may look real, but are hosted by external online web services.  Unsuspecting victims are fooled into disclosing their passwords and other account information via these forms, which the scammers can then use for profit or to gain further access to your other accounts.

How Pace University addresses suspicious emails

Pace University has strong protocols in place to catch and filter out most incoming spam. A warning message is added to the beginning of all email messages containing embedded web addresses from identified web form hosting sites. For more details and best practices to protect yourself online visit Pace's IT Security website.

Winter Renovation

Boardroom Updated

Over the winter break, the Boardroom at 1 Pace Plaza was renovated to include updated technology.