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Staff Newsletter - November 2015


How to Connect Remotely to Your On-Campus PC

With winter shortly coming upon us, snow days are a likely possibility.

Be proactive and check your remote access settings so you are ready if and when inclement weather or other situations prevent you from physically getting on campus.

Use Pace's Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to your on campus computer. VPN allows for secure connections to your on campus machine, various systems, and online forms.  Note: You will need to use Remote Desktop along with VPN to complete this connection.

For more information, visit Virtual Private Network. For detailed instructions, see the Self-Help Guides.​


What Faculty Need To Do In Advance

During winter break, we are migrating our Blackboard Learning Management System, including existing courses to Blackboard for Managed Hosting.  While this work is being done, please note the important dates below:

  • All courses and communities will be unavailable on Wednesday, December 23rd from 12:00PM - 5:00PM.

  • Fall 2015 courses and communities will remain unavailable until Monday, January 11th.

    • Faculty are strongly encouraged to complete all grading by Tuesday, December 22nd.

  • Courses that run during the Winter break (anytime between Wednesday, December 23rd and Sunday, January 24th) will be available to faculty at 5:00PM on Wednesday, December 23rd and will open to students automatically on the Course Start Date as defined in Banner.

  • Spring 2016 courses will remain unavailable to faculty until Monday, January 11th and will be available to students automatically on the Course Start Date as defined in Banner.

    • Faculty developing Spring 2016 courses are strongly encouraged to begin early because they will not have access to build course materials between Wednesday, December 23rd and Monday, January 11th.


  1. MyPace Portal ( will not be impacted by this work so faculty can submit grades at any time but are strongly encouraged to submit by Tuesday, December 22nd.

  2. If faculty need access to their Blackboard Grade Center, they can export it as an Excel file or print it by Tuesday, December 22nd.  For detailed steps, watch this Blackboard Video Tutorial on  How to Export the Grade Center.

  3. All "I" grades will still automatically change to an "F" grade after the standard 6 week period. However, faculty will be given an additional 2 weeks to submit a Change of Grade form with just faculty signature and with no additional approval/signature required.

For more information on the Blackboard Migration, please visit


Completion Status

As of Monday, November 9th all Faculty, Staff and Retiree mailboxes have been upgraded to Microsoft 2013 server.  Below is the remaining schedule for Temporary Contractor, Departmental, Students and Alumni accounts.

  • Temporary Contractor Accounts: Sunday, November 15th

  • Departmental Accounts: Monday, November 16th to Thursday, November 19th

  • Alumni Accounts: Begins Sunday, November 29th

  • Student Accounts: Begins February 2016 

Each of these group accounts will receive notifications with additional instructions.

For more details visit: Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Upgrade.


Single Sign On

Coming soon, users will have the option to sign into Qualtrics using their MyPace Portal credentials. You will no longer need to memorize a separate username and password.

All your surveys will remain active and be moved over to your Pace account. Learn how to migrate your account at

Questions? Contact the Faculty Center.

Ally Khristova


Now Available

NBC News created a repository of stories, images, and primary source documents available on-demand for the Pace community. NBC Learn features integration with Blackboard allowing instructors to incorporate relevant content as part of their online course materials. 

Check out the Digital Toolkit for details and the ITS Service Catalog for a complete list of all IT services and technologies available at Pace.


ORCA TV Services

Pace's digital signage has undergone significant changes over the summer. We're happy to introduce ORCA TV! This user friendly platform maintains consistent quality across all campus displays. Send advertising submissions directly to ORCA TV via

ORCA TV supports a wide range of digital media and social media outlets. For more information and tutorials on ad submissions, visit


Webinar Wednesdays offer an in-depth look at technologies related to teaching and learning at Pace. Each webinar will focus on a specific technology and offer best practices, tips, tutorials, and advice from experts. 

  • Topic: Blackboard Grade Center
    Date: Wednesday: 12/9 (12:10PM-1:10PM)
    Description: Ensure that you are ready to submit your course grades by managing grade center columns and calculating exactly what you desire and stated in your syllabus.
    Click here to register

Learn More


Join Academic Technologies on the below dates to learn about emerging mobile technologies to enhance how we at Pace communicate and share ideas.     

  • Wednesday: 11/18 (12:10PM-1:10PM): Miller 21

  • Tuesday: 12/8 (12:15PM-1:15PM): Miller 16 / Civic E319


IT Security: Your Password

Passwords are one of the most important pieces of information security.  A well-crafted and strong password is essential in ensuring the security of the university's data and intellectual property.

It is important to remember that sharing or disclosing your Pace portal username and/or password is prohibited.

Some things to remember when creating your portal password are:

  • create strong passwords that are at least 8 characters long

  • include upper and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters

  • make sure your selected password does not include words from part of your name or the name of someone in your family

  • change your password regularly and never write it down or email it to anyone

Remember that you are not to share your password with anyone for any reason and that ITS will never ask you to provide confirmation of your credentials for any reason.

For more information on passwords please visit our Password Complexity Guidelines and Good Password Practices pages.
For more security best practices, go to: IT Security.


Course evaluation is critical in providing constructive feedback to faculty and their departments on the quality of instruction delivered at Pace.  Dyson College and Lubin School of Business are urging all students taking any Dyson or Lubin course to participate.

Course evaluations for Fall 2015 will be available during the following timeframe: Sunday, November 29th - Sunday, December 13th. The grades for this semester will be delayed until Friday, December 25th for any students who have not completed all of their evaluations by the deadline noted above.

Further details and instructions will be sent to students when the period opens in late November.  Faculty will receive an email on Friday, December 25th with information on how to run their reports.

Questions? For Dyson contact Rich Miller ( and for Lubin contact Tom Miliano (


eTern Featured in Mahara Newsletter

Academic Technologies' new eTern, Sarah Koppalakonda, was featured in the October 2015 Mahara Newsletter. Her article reflected on her experiences as an international student.

"During my time studying in the U.S.A., I have grown as a person and a student." Sarah writes. "I believe in action rather than words, and ePortfolio has enabled me to reflect on this mantra and continues to motivate me towards my goals."

Check out Sarah's Living the American Dream page on ePortfolio and her full article here.

ePortfolio Webinar Available

View  a recording of Academic Technologies' Webinar Wednesday session "Academic Reflection in the Digital Age: ePortfolio for Assessment and Personal Branding" at


Students Can Use Schedule Planner

Students can now use Schedule Planner to assist them with building their course schedules in real time.  This tool can be found on Portal in the Students tab, under Registration and Grades.

Students can build, save, search and modify course schedules based on their activities such as work schedules, team activities, study days, etc.

For more information, students should visit the Schedule Planner site.​