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Faculty Newsletter - September 2015

CIO Welcome

It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you back for the Fall 2015 semester. While you've been away, ITS has been hard at work developing comprehensive strategies to support you with educational technology this term.

Over the last four months, we have renovated a total of one-hundred-and-fourteen spaces across the New York and Pleasantville campuses, including two new Active Learning Classrooms and two additional video conferencing classrooms.

To guide you through the journey of introducing new technologies into your curriculum, Academic Technologies has developed a Virtual Presence Checklist.

I encourage you to take full advantage of these new resources and wish you an industrious, exciting, new academic year at Pace.



Instructors can now add a TA in their Blackboard course by following these quick steps.

The desired TA will be added immediately to the course.   


Our work with the Pace community made Academic Technologies think about how ITS can harness the capabilities of Blackboard and our array of technologies to get the most out of our LMS. To promote technology best practices, we have strengthened our arsenal of support materials. This fall, take advantage of:

Set up a consultation by phone: 914-773-3333 or email


Setting Up the Grade Center

It is necessary to post your syllabus in Blackboard to inform students about important aspects of your course.

You've posted the what?

It is time to set up your Blackboard Grade Center. Visit the Academic Technologies blog to learn more about the benefits of using Blackboard's Grade Center.


Pace Hosts Regional Blackboard Conference- June 2015

Provost Sukhatme welcomed nearly two-hundred conference attendees with opening remarks outlining his vision for technology at Pace.

"We would like all faculty to build and maintain a virtual presence where they make use of available technologies and deepen the usage of Blackboard to promote student engagement and academic continuity."

The Vice President of Global Higher Education Strategy at Blackboard, Annie Chechitelli, delivered the keynote address which provided a roadmap for the company's future. Some highlights included a preview of the user-friendly Blackboard Learn Ultra experience and a Java-free version of Collaborate. The day ended with prizes and Pace's own Dorothee Von Huene-Greenberg was a big winner!


2015 July Conference - National Harbor, MD

The conference emphasized Blackboard's newly designed student-centered LMS, Blackboard Ultra. The overarching theme of the conference was geared toward expanding teaching strategies to support a wider variety of learners. Accessibility and more empathetic approaches to integrating technology were prominent topics. The majority of panels focused on instructor support, particularly on how administrators can better understand the ways faculty learn and adopt new technologies.


"I have used Lynda as a useful complement and supplement for the classes I teach. For certain topics in quantitative classes (e.g., using R or SPSS), I have students review lecture videos as foundational material to better prepare them for advanced material to be covered in class. In introductory marketing classes, I present Lynda as a means for zealous students to pursue their interests (in say Google Analytics) by viewing select videos on Lynda. Instructional material on Lynda is of far greater quality than the average YouTube video and offer a comprehensive coverage and current view of a topic"
Dr. Vishal Lala
Associate Professor of Marketing
Lubin School of Business


Now Available 

Adobe Document Cloud eSign services (formerly EchoSign) allows faculty and staff to electronically sign documents, send documents to other for signatures, track documents, and get instant e-signatures with in-person signing.

Only users creating (or Originating) documents that need electronic signatures will need access. Signers do not need access to this system in order to sign documents.   

Learn More


Now Available

This electronic lab notebook software is designed to organize student notes, preserve data, and increase collaboration. You can give students constructive feedback at any time and students can download all work as a PDF document.


The Instructional Services team at the Pace Library recently collaborated with Academic Technologies to create a new Library Resources area within the Digital Toolkit. This section includes instructional videos, information on how to create Course Reserves, FAQs, faculty resources, and more. Visitors can also submit questions or use the embedded live-chat feature to connect with a librarian.

The Digital Toolkit is a one-stop, self-help center where students and faculty can learn about technologies supported at Pace.


Spring Contest Winners

This year's winners of the Office of Academic Technologies' Spring ePortfolio Contest were Alexandra Catalano, Adina McCray, and Catherine Weening.

 Learn more about the winners


New Active Learning Classrooms in Miller 21 and 22

Designed to foster interactive, flexible, student-centered learning experiences, our new ALC rooms come equipped with multiple displays and flexible furniture with easy access to plug in devices (laptop/tablet) allowing students to collaborate and work in groups or work individually. Wrap around magnetic whiteboard and charging station on three walls makes any area in the classroom to be converted to a work space.

Web-Conferencing Ready Classrooms

There are ten "web-conferencing ready" classrooms including a faculty controlled camera to provide instructors the option to invite remote students or guest speakers to join face-to-face classes.  Contact Ed Media to learn more

Computer Room Renovations in Y24 and W34

Y24 serves as an extension for overflow of the Computer Resource Center received a much needed facelift of new furniture, collaborative design, and paint.  W34 also acquired updated furniture and paint.


Join Academic Technologies on the below dates to learn about emerging mobile technologies to enhance how we at Pace communicate and share ideas.     

  • Monday: 9/21 (12:10PM-1:10PM):
    Miller 16 / Civic E319
  • Tuesday: 10/13 (11:30AM-12:30PM):
    Miller 16 / Civic E319
  • Wednesday: 11/18 (12:10AM-1:10PM):
    Miller 21
  • Tuesday: 12/8 (12:15PM-1:15PM):
    Miller 16 / Civic E319


IT Security 

Social engineering attacks are becoming more common as they rely heavily on human interaction that involves tricking people into breaking normal security procedures.

Email phishing attacks are common during our busiest times. It's important to:

  • be diligent and hover over links rather than clicking on them to ensure they are legitimate.
  • verify that emails in received are legitimate and are coming from a trusted source.

Phone call phishing attacks are another method for attackers to obtain critical information such as IP address for printers to gain access to our network. ITS staff will not call and ask for this information without properly identifying ourselves. If you get a call asking for detailed computer information:

  • ask the user to identify themselves and provide a call back number.
  • do not provide any information about your office infrastructure, configuration or IP address information for devices in your area.

For more information on social engineering attacks and how to identify them, visit our informational page: Social Engineering.

October 2015 is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Account Management and Secret Questions 

As you start this semester, don't forget to make sure you have your secret questions set up to better manage your account.  Also, proper account management involves periodically changing your unique Pace password.  Never share your password or personal information.  ITS recommends that users change their passwords at least every 180 days.

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Security   

As of January 2016, Microsoft Office will no longer provide security updates for older versions of Internet Explorer (IE). For details on what browser versions is best for Pace applications, visit the Supported Software page.

For more security best practices, go to: IT Security.


What you need to know starting this Fall

Beginning this Fall semester, ITS will be upgrading all email mailbox accounts to Exchange 2013 server (from 2010 server) in groups.

Note: This does not affect your version of Outlook client.   

What do I need to do?

When your mailbox is ready to be migrated, you will receive an email with details and instructions.  The migration process takes a few hours, depending on individual mailbox sizes, and will occur overnight.  It will be important for you to check that everything has migrated over and report any issues to the ITS Help Desk online via or by phone (914-773-3333).

Throughout this process, details will be posted at: Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Migration.


System Maintenance Notices in a click

To view scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, outages, or issues, go to IT System Status page at

Subscribe to our IT Notice Listserv to receive email notifications for maintenance work and news/announcements.

Windows Patches: When are patches released and how do I prepare?

On the second Tuesday of every month, Microsoft Windows releases patches to be applied to desktops, laptops and servers.  Depending on when your machine checks for updates, the updates will install and reboot your machine around 3:00AM on Wednesday or Thursday. Bypassing these updates leaves computers vulnerable. 

Note: If your machine is powered off during the scheduled 3:00AM install, the updates will be installed the next time the machine turns on and it will automatically restart within 30 minutes. Changes to the regular monthly schedule of patches for required critical updates are posted.

Save your work and close out of any applications to ensure that files do not get corrupted during the reboot.  It's recommended to pause or delay any processes for reporting or analysis during this time so the patches can be applied and the system can reboot without interruption.


New look, same functionality

The Web File Storage system ( was updated in early August.  There are changes in the design and navigation. Learn More


 The bi-annual cleaning management process for Echo recordings begins Monday, October 5th.  Learn More


Step 1: Configure wireless devices (laptop, iPad, Smartphone) to connect to PACE-OPEN. (This is a one-time process.)

Step 2: Follow instructions to automatically configure and register the device for PACE-WIRELESS. When complete, the device needs to be connected to PACE-WIRELESS.

To check if your device is registered, go to How do I check if my device is registered?

Need wireless access for a visitor? Create wireless-only guest accounts and follow Guest connection instructions.

Learn more


ITS offers a wide-variety of services and training.  Below are some to note:

Check out our ITS Service Catalog for a complete list of services.


Need a technology solution and don't know where to start?

With so many solutions to choose, let ITS help you make the choice that meets your need.  Already got an idea? Let's talk and see what's needed to bring it to fruition!  To get started, email your project request to Our Project Management Office (PMO) will review requests and contact you. Get expert guidance and recommendations right from the beginning!