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Students Newsletter - September 2016


Easily connect to your Advisors, Coaches, Faculty and other Support Staff to help you succeed throughout your journey to graduation.

How does Starfish benefit you?
  • Starfish enables Faculty to recognize your efforts or academic performance with "Kudos".
  • You can "Raise your hand" to request support in a class or from your Advisor. 
  • See your "Success Network" which includes views to contact information of your Advisors and Faculty. 
  • Starfish gives the Advisors, Faculty and others, including yourself, the ability to raise "flags" and share information to help keep you on the path to success.
  • It is a notification system that allows you to be notified via email or text message once a kudo or flag is raised.

What will be available in the Fall?
All Students now have access to use Starfish. There will be various communication outreach and training available to students.

To access Starfish, log on at

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What is OER?
OER stands for Open Education Resources. The key word being open, referring to that fact that OER are academic materials in the public domain. The OER movement is based on the principle that information should be shared and intellectual collaboration should be encouraged.

How much do students spend on textbooks?
On average, students spend $1,100 on course materials annually. This bloated price tag restricts access to education for:

  •     Traditional low-income students
  •     Non-traditional, continuing education students with dependents

One form of OER are eTextbooks which educators can redistribute and remix to fit their unique classroom needs. OERs can be used to supplement or replace increasingly expensive traditional course materials.

What's available?
Our University librarians have comprised a collection of open access resources. This includes open textbooks, audiovisual learning modules, e-journal, and miscellaneous other resources.

You can view the Pace Library Open Access LibGuide at

Have a question about OER?
ITS has joined forces with the library to help you take advantage of these free resources.

Research Questions
Library Services:
Christina Blenkle
(914) 773-3222
Technology Questions
Academic Technology:
Heather Askildsen
(914) 773-3664    

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Edublogs services offer Pace Faculty, Students and Staff with a powerful and secure set of web-based tools for communicating and teaching using the WordPress platform. Official Pace organizations can leverage this service to communicate their organization's activities to the Pace community.

To get started, visit To request this service, enter a Help Desk ticket at

Below are several samples of current blogs using Edublogs.

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Check out ePortfolio's sharp new look! The upgraded system showcases a modernized interface and upgraded performance. New things to love include:

  • Responsive design across platforms
  • Ability to embed external content seamlessly
  • Streamlined open badges display

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ITS worked with CISCO to implement an upgrade to the wireless network on all campuses. The goal being to simplify the connection process and improve user experience.

What do you need to know?
There are two new network names that all devices should connect to.

  • PACE-WIFI: Current Students, Faculty, Staff, and approved Contractors can login using MyPace Portal credentials.
  • PACE-GUEST: Sponsored Pace Guests should login using guest account created by Pace Sponsor.
PACE-WIRELESS and PACE-OPEN are no longer available as of July 2016.

What do you need to do?
Make sure to connect to PACE-WIFI on all your devices.  Remember to "Forget This Network" for PACE-WIRELESS and PACE-OPEN.
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ITS updates technology in all our classrooms on a yearly basis. During the academic year, we assess current technologies in classrooms and how faculty and students are utilizing those technologies.  Using a four-year equipment replacement life cycle model and designated funding from the Student Technology Fee, we identify a select number of classrooms each year to be upgraded. The upgrades range from an install of a projector and computer to a complete classroom redesign which was the case for the Active Learning Classrooms. ITS co-chairs a Classroom Design Committee that includes representatives from Faculty, Buildings and Grounds, ITS, and Scheduling.

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The University's data center is currently housed on the Briarcliff campus and will soon be moving to the Pleasantville campus. This undertaking involves many moving parts, coordination, and necessary maintenance periods for all services. ITS has been carefully planning the process for the move and is doing our best to minimize disruption to services.

What does this mean for you?
Certain services and systems will require downtime in order for the move to take place. The length of time those services and systems are unavailable will vary depending on the work that is required.

What should I do?

ITS will be providing more communication in the coming weeks to the services and groups that will be affected.   
  • Please stay aware of the communications so you have the necessary information on which services and systems are affected.
  • Sign up for the ITS Notice Listserv.
  • You may need to make adjustments to your schedules of when you use those services and systems. 

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The Pharos printing software system upgrade was performed in conjunction with select Pharos printer replacements. Students will not see any changes to the remote printing; however, Mac users will need to download the new print client. Students can get the full details on our Student Printing page.

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Pace University assesses a Technology Fee to ensure students have access to the latest instructional technology resources available. The fee is earmarked for instructional technologies to keep Pace up to date with the technology needed for today's teaching and learning methodologies. All revenue generated from the technology fee goes directly towards funding instructional technology initiatives. Proposal requirements, guidelines, submission deadlines, and meeting dates are found on our website.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 26th. Deadline for proposal submissions is Wednesday, September 21st.

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As we continue to improve security measures for your personal data, we have enhanced the Password Reset Utility with an alternative email address feature. You will now be asked to enter an alternative email address in order to complete the password reset process.

Please note: You must ensure you have set up your alternative email address within MyPace Portal. If you already have have this set up, please update the information if changes are needed. You can do this under the "Personal Information" link within your Student, Faculty, or Staff tab.

Need assistance?
Contact the ITS Help Desk at (914) 773-3333.


Online gaming is a great way to relieve stress and have fun but it does come with its own set of risks. One thing that makes online gaming so entertaining is that you can play and communicate with anyone in the world. In most cases, you will not know the people you are playing with and while most of them are the same as you and are out there to have fun, there are those who want to cause you harm. Here are some things to stay secure.
  • Be cautious of any message that asks you to take action, such as clicking on a link or downloading a file.
  • Be careful when preforming actions where real money is used to purchase in-game goods, these should be done only in reputable marketplaces.
  • Limit the amount of information you share online and never share detailed personal information!
  • Never use the same password or user name you use for gaming anywhere else on the web.
  • You are under no obligation to answer questions people ask you when you are gaming. Banking and financial institution use security questions to help confirm your identity. Attackers and hackers have been known to use gaming forums and messaging systems to get this type of information from potential victims.\


We have grown into an "on the go" society facilitated through the use of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.  However, this added convenience also means we put ourselves and our personal information at more risk. Personal devices make it easier to store and access information, but they are also easy to steal or misplace. Do you know what to do if your device is lost or stolen?
  • Secure your devices. Use a passphrase, password, or fingerprint to secure your device from casual intrusion.
  • Turn on location tracking. If your device has a "Find Me" feature (such as Apple's iCloud service to "Find My iPhone") make sure it is enabled. Or investigate third-party software to help you recover your devices.
  • Encrypt and backup information. Determine if your device encrypts your data at rest. That way if it's stolen, you just lose the device and don't open yourself to identity theft. If your device doesn't use encryption by default, enable it or install encryption software. Don't forget to backup information on all of your mobile devices too.
  • Write it down! Record the manufacturer, model, and serial numbers of your mobile devices and store the info in a safe place.
  • Notify providers. Keep important phone numbers such as your cell phone provider or IT support department handy so you can quickly report the device as lost or stolen. In some cases the cell provider or your support desk may be able to deactivate and wipe the device for you remotely.
  • File a report. If your device is stolen, file a police report immediately.

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