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IMOs assist Information Technology Services (ITS) by helping to disseminate technology and ITS-related information to their respective areas and by being the first source of technical support within their groups. There are some guidelines which IMOs should follow when interacting with colleagues in their functional areas.

  • IMOs learn about system downtimes and other technical issues affecting their areas via the IMO meetings, IMO-L email listserv and other sources, and should keep affected fellow staff members appropriately informed.
  • Whenever possible, IMOs should perform some initial basic troubleshooting on issues prior to contacting the Help Desk.
  • Make sure the computer user has proper network connectivity
  • Ensure users are following proper procedures and ITS-recommended best practices
  • Research error messages and record them accurately in Web Help Desk tickets when assistance is required.  This is best accomplished by providing a screenshot of the error messages received. 
  • IMOs should be familiar with installing software that is specific to their area and understand common issues with that software and how to solve them.
  • Some software requires administrative rights to install - If you need administrative access to a computer in your area, please contact the ITS helpdesk
  • When installing software, right-click the program and choose "Run as Administrator"

IMOs generally receive administrative rights to the computers in their area to allow them to complete technical tasks. This special access carries with it a level of trust and responsibility that all IMOs should be conscious about. When working on any staff member's computer, IMOs should always keep information security concerns in mind and follow [established procedure protocols]. In addition, the affected staff should always be informed of the work being performed and permission obtained before the work is performed.