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Classroom Builds

Basic Build   Crestron Build Panaboard  P IDEA board IB Web Conferencing 
Active Learning Classroom
  • Projector
  • Motorized screen
  • PC
  • Combo player
  • Basic sound
  • Projector
  • Motorized screen
  • Control system (Touch Panel)
  • Audio amplifier and speakers
  • Laptop connections
  • PC
  • Combo player
  • Podium
  • Electronic whiteboard
  • Electronic whiteboard
  • Dry-erase whiteboard
  • Vaddio HD webcams with built-in microphones and speakers to conference with anyone (both internal and external)
  • Multiple Displays for Lecture or Collaboration 
  • Mobile workspaces
  • Writable walls
  • BYOD charging stations

Last Updated: 08/12/15

New York City

E300 W503 W627
E301 W504 W628
E302   P W507  WC WS 1405
E303  P W510 WS 1410
E304 W511 WS 1415
E305 W512 WS 1420
E306 W513 WS 1425
E307 W514 WS 1430
E308 W515 WS 1515
E309 W519 IB WC WS 1520 WC
E310 W520  WC WS 1525
E311 W521 WS 1530
E312 W522 WS 1535
E313  P W523 WS 2015
E314  P W524 WS 2020
E315  P W601 WS 2025
E316 W602 WS 2030
E317 W603A WS 2035
E318 W603B PR 1319
E320 W604 PR 1321
E321 W605 PR 1201
E322 W606 PR 1202
E323 W607 PR 1203
E324 W608 PR 516
E325  IB W609 MT 802
E326  IB W610 MT 807
E327  IB W612 MT 813
E328 W613 MT 814
E329 W614 MT 815
E330  IB W615 MT 819
E331 W616 MT 820
E332 IB W617 MT 822
W211 W618 MT 823
Y22 W619 MT 824
Y34  P W620A ABNCO
Y35  P W620B UNION
W311 P W621 BRN WC
W401 IB WC W622 BRS WC
W402 IB WC W623 LHN
W403 W624 LHS
W404 W625 LHW
W405 IB W626 Birnbaum Library  P


M10 M34   IB WC L24B  IB
M11 M35 L25
M12 M36  IB WC L26  WC 
M15 M37  WC L27
M20 M38 L29A
M21  WC ALC M39 L29B
M22  WC ALC M 40 L302
M23  IB L10   WC W30
M24   IB L11 W31
M25 L12 W32
M26 L13 W33
M27 L14 W34
M28 L20  IB W35
M29 L21  IB W36
M32 IB L23  W10  P
M33 L24A W12  P

White Plains

GC 204 GC 316 GC 433
GC 306 GC 320  IB GC 506  P
GC 308 GC 322  IB GC 510
GC 310 GC 326 GC 512
GC 311 GC 328 GC 514
GC 312 GC 417    
GC 313 GC 422    
GC 314 GC 428