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Internet, Network & Wireless Services

Configuring Wireless

Pace students, faculty and staff can access the University network through the campus-wide wireless network. The Cisco Wireless Network PACE-OPEN/PACE-WIRELESS has been completed in all buildings and on all campuses.  All users who wish to access the network must have an active University network account (MyPace Portal ID and password).

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Access to Pace networked resources from a remote (off-campus) location is provided by using the University's Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN software enables secure access to private network resources by creating a virtual network connection.

Resident Rooms

Student dorm rooms have network jacks which will connect them to the Pace Network.  Students need an ethernet cord in order to connect.  For questions about ethernet cords, contact us via or dial ext. ITS (33333). Students may also use the computers in the Computer Resource Centers or the Library.

Offices, Classrooms, and Public Areas

Most faculty and staff have network jacks installed in their offices, classrooms, and many of the public areas.  To determine if an ethernet connection is active, contact your department Information Management Officer. If the jack is not active, have your IMO contact the Customer Support Center at ext. ITS (33333) or via