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Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a live video conferencing tool that integrates with your course in Blackboard. Presenterers can share applications from their desktop, use a whiteboard for diagrams and text, share powerpoint slides, and use a built-in browser to show web pages to participants.


Students, Faculty, and Staff.

How to Get This Service


  • Log in to Blackboard
  • Open your course
  • Click on Control Panel > Course Tools > Blackboard Collaborate


  • Log in to Blackboard
  • Your instructor will announce where to find the link to join the session
  • Click on the Join button to get started
  • Follow the prompts to download the Collaborate Launcher if you do not already have it


  • An instructor will send you an invitation to their Collaborate session if you will be a guest speaker in their course
  • If you are planning on hosting a session for the first time, create a helpdesk ticket for assistance


For technical support and issues running Collaborate on your machine, all students faculty and staff can contact the Blackboard 24 Hour Support Line by dialing 1 (877) 382-2293.

For user training and getting started with Collaborate for the first time, create a Help Desk ticket.

  • Go to and login with your MyPace credentials
  • Set the request type to Information Technology > Blackboard > Collaborate
  • Include a contact phone number and the CRN for the course with your request


In order to join a Collaborate session, you must have the Collaborate Launcher App installed on their computer. If you do not already have the Launcher App, you will be prompted to download it when you click to join a session from Blackboard.

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Suggested Uses For Collaborate

  • Schedule virtual office hours
  • Provide a meeting space for students to work together outside of class
  • Invite remote guest speakers
  • Bring in Support Services (such as library, tutoring, career services)

Make Up For Missed Classes

The webinar below explains how instructors can use a combination of Blackboard Learn with Echo360 and or Collaborate to make up for a missed class.

Getting Started Guides

Quickstart Guide Take a look at these suggestions before you get started.
Interface Guide Overview of the Blackboard Collaborate interface inside of a session.
Creating a Session Follow these steps to create a new Collaborate session.
Accessing a Session Follow these steps to start a Collaborate session you have created.
Creating and Planning an Effective Session Brief slideshow with tips on starting an effective presentation in Blackboard Collaborate.
Troubleshooting Blackboard Collaborate Recordings A flowchart of steps to follow if you are having trouble accessing a session recording.
Issues Accessing Your Blackboard Collaborate Session A flowchart of steps to follow if you are having trouble getting in to your live Collaborate session.
Tech Check All users should perform a tech check before they get started.
Collaborate Session Intro Example Personalize and use this PowerPoint slide as the first slide in your slide deck to prepare participants for a successful session.
Tracking Attendance View a list of attendees in a session.

Video Tutorials

Creating a Session Watch this video to learn how to create a Blackboard Collaborate session.
Student Guide for Accessing a Session Watch this video to learn how to access a Blackboard Collaborate session.
Webinar: "Making Up Missed Classes" Watch this video to learn use Blackboard Collaborate, Blackboard, Echo 360, and the technology resources we support for distance learning.
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Watch this video to learn how to use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.