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Blackboard Notices

Blackboard Known Issues

To report an issue, please contact the Office of Academic Technology by sending an email to or by calling 914.773.3664.

1. Test Answers Not Recorded (posted 10.30.17)

2. Qwickly Attendance Tool Menu Item (posted 10.17.17)

3. Turnitin Service Interruption (posted 10.11.17)

4. Grade Center may not accurately reflect Graded Discussion Board activity (posted 10.10.17)

5. Last Access column in Grade Center may be inaccurate (posted 10.10.17)



Test Answers Not Recorded

If a student logs in to Blackboard and opens a test, then logs in again and opens the same test using a different browser or a different computer, without first logging out of the initial test instance, the following may occur:

1. The test answers may not be saved.

2. The test access log may show no activity.

3. The test may be recorded as started and submitted at the exact same time.



Qwickly Attendance Tool Menu Item

Due to a technical issue, the Qwickly Attendance menu item may have disappeared from your Blackboard menu. All of the previous attendance data are saved, but you may need to add the menu item again. The two step process is given below, but you can access the full tutorial at the below link:

Take Attendance with Qwickly

1. Hover your cursor over the Add Menu Item “+” located in the top left corner of the Blackboard page and select “Tool Link”.

2. Name the module, select “Qwickly Attendance” as the Type and check the box to make this tool “Available to Users”. Then click Submit.



Turnitin Service Interruption service was unavailable from 6:48pm- 7:23pm on Monday, 9 Oct, 2017. Service is restored now.



Grade Center may not accurately reflect Graded Discussion Board activity

After a student submits a post/reply in a graded Discussion Board, an exclamation point should appear in the Grade Center. Sometimes this exclamation point does not appear.



Last Access Column in Grade Center May Be Inaccurate.

The Last Access Column in Blackboard's Grade Center may not accurately reflect student activity. For more information, click the link below:

The good news is that you can get accurate information by doing the following:

1. Go to Control Panel > EvaluationCourse Reports > Overall Summary of User Activity

2. Hover your mouse over the type of report and click the right-arrow to the right of the report title and click Run.

3. Pick a suitable range of dates to check.

4. Select the desired student(s).

5. Click Submit.

6. In the Overall Summary of User Activity, scroll down to the Access/Date graph/chart section.

You can then see what dates the student(s) accessed your course within that range.