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About ePortfolio

ePortfolio is an online collection of your work designed for an audience. It enables you to enrich your learning experiences, prepare you for your field of work, and sharpen your technological skills.

You will add files to your portfolio that may be shared with others--your peers, professors, friends, family, and potential employers. Additionally, your ePortfolio will be a work in progress as you will be able to add to it and extend it throughout your college career.


Upgrades and Scheduled Maintenance


Pace will be upgrading our ePortfolio system to Mahara version 17.04. ePortfolio will be unavailable System Unavailable Monday, June 12: 6:00PM – 8:00PM EST while we apply necessary changes to the system.



Mahara 17.04 Changes

Combining pages and collections tab

  • Currently we have a view under Portfolio -> Pages that shows us a list of the pages we own.
  • We also have a view under Portfolio -> Collections that shows us a list of collections we have.
  • In 17.04 these lists will be combined so that we can finds things easier and also only show those pages outside collections as 'solo' pages.

Print stylesheet

  • Export a cleaner PDF printout of your ePortfolio without long, illegible URLs
  • Students can submit their ePortfolio as a PDF to Turnitin to check for originality

Quick View Sharing

  • New icons let you know your page has been shared. Quickly view or change permissions.

Viewing Creation/Last Modified Dates

  • Able to view when you created/last modified a collection or a page

Display profile information in the user search

  • You can include certain info in user search table, such certification numbers

For a comprehensive overview of the version 17.04 system changes, please visit The Mahara User Manual: What’s new in Mahara 17.04?


Questions? Contact the Office of Academic Technology

UTelephone: 212-346-1661


ePortfolio upgrades and scheduled maintenance periods will be posted here. There are curently no scheduled interuptions.

If you have any questions regarding updates or maintenance, please contact the Office of Academic Technologies via email or by phone at PLV: (914) 773-3664 / NYC: (212)-346-1661.



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