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The Student Technology Fee campus committee will review key initiatives and campus proposals and determine which initiatives are funded. The committee will also ensure that all requests are in compliance with the Proposal Eligibility Requirements.

Allocating the Technology Fee

A percentage of the technology fee will be automatically allocated towards covering the annual costs of key initiatives. The remaining funds are discretionary and the Technology Fee Committee will review annual proposals submitted by the Pace community and will recommend proposals to be funded.

Oversight Committee for the Student Technology Fee

Chair of the Committee (non-voting member):

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) as representative of the Provost.

Student Membership (6 voting members):

  • 3 Undergraduate students from the New York City Campus
  • 3 Undergraduate students from the Pleasantville Campus

School/Colleges Membership (5 voting members):

  • 1 Instructional Technology Representative from each of the 5 schools (Law School not included)

Specific Departments/Services members (non-voting members):

They will serve as a technical and informational resource

  • Representative of the Academic Affairs Budget Office
  • Representatives from Information Technology Services
  • Representative from Library

See the complete Student IT Fee Guidelines.

Committee Meetings

Below you will find the Student Technology Fee Committee minutes.

Contact Us

For questions or comments, please contact the Student Technology Fee Committee email address: