Video: Dear Me

Dear Me is a documentary that tells the inspiring true stories of people who are speaking up about their experiences with bullying, being a bystander and finding ways to break the silence. It focuses on creating a safe environment for others to be encouraged to take action.

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Meet the Filmmaker:

Rachel Fauth

Rachel is a junior majoring in Literature with and Film. She likes surprises, mild weather, fruit snacks but only the red ones, and stories.





                       Hear the Students' Stories:

 "Finding My Voice": AIDEN

 TOPICS: voice, silenced, speaking up, breaking the silence, masculinity, puberty

Aiden is a student at Pace University who claims to be majoring in "being a better person". As an introverted queer minority, he easily gained everyone's respect and flawlessly graduated middle-high school with the highest honors ... jay-kay. He was an average student with an outstanding record for being made fun of. All the boys loved him; he was the gold token for them to prove their masculinity. For Aiden, middle-high school was a constant war zone for hormonal teenage boys to prove their manhood and he was their scapegoat. After 6 years of being called "faggot" and surviving depression, he finally got his revenge. Instead of dropping out of school to party like the cool kids, Aiden ended up going to college in New York City, became President of Stonewall Coalition, the LGBTQ student organization at Pace University, co-founded Geek League, a student organization that celebrates geek culture, and was able to learn to love himself and embrace all the flaws that he was once bullied for.



 José is a regular guy with big hopes  of making the world a little better one smile at a time. He's a business management major at Pace and his journey there wasn't easy. Throughout elementary and junior high school he was bullied for being smart and being quiet. The words stuck for a lifetime, but inspite of this he wants to ensure no kid faces such abuse. "You can't just live in that negative way... make way for the positive way." - Bob Marley

 "Keep Smiling": DENARII

 TOPICS: sizeism, weight, body image, fat, self esteem, family, abuse

Denarii is a graduate student studying adolescent education with the hope of using her rainbow powers to make the world a more colorful place. Her story describes her on-going journey to self-acceptance after years of being told her size meant she wasn't good enough.

 "Bystander": LAUREN 

 TOPICS: bystanders, teen bullying, High School, Homophobia, friendship

Lauren is a Political Science major with many passions that range from bike riding to human rights to one day changing the world. While many people are in the position of being the bully or being bullied, Lauren's story discusses the fears, the questions  and the hardships that come with being a bystander of bullying and a friend to the bullied.


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