Intern at the LGBTQA Center

Do you want to join the incredible intern team at the LGBTQA & Social Justice Center?

If you are interested in becoming an Intern at the LGBTQA & Social Justice Center please click here to print the application, or fill it out electronically and submit to 

To all Applicants for the Pace University LGBTQA& Social Justice Center Internship Position:

LGBTQA and Social Justice Center Interns are responsible for supporting a learning environment at Pace that contributes positively to student development and consciousness raising around LGBTQA issues. 

We are looking for individuals with strong commitments to the continued empowerment of underrepresented individuals, dedication to cultural awareness, and demonstrated initiative or interest in the areas of sexuality, gender and justice.

The working philosophy of the LGBTQA & Social Justice Center is built upon promoting inclusive communities that thrive on the unique qualities of individuals and provide opportunities for professional growth and development.

Applicants who are comfortable in multicultural environments and who enjoy learning from new and challenging experiences are usually well suited for these positions.

If selected to be an intern at the Center, you will be required to participate in orientation/staff training and ongoing training throughout the academic year.


Grant-Writing Intern:
Submit a summary of your experience in applying for grants.  If you are enrolled or were currently enrolled in a grant-writing course, please list it in your response. Please provide a grant-writing sample.

Gender Justice Intern:
Share an overview of your ideas for programs, events and information to work toward gender justice on campus. Please describe any previous experience working with, learning about or supporting the transgender community.  What programs would you suggest to support, advocate for and engage the Transgender community at Pace. 

International Student Liaison:
Please describe how you would provide outreach to international students. What types of programs would you plan to support this population?  If you have been involved in providing outreach to LGBTQA International students please describe.

Outreach Intern for Community Development:
Submit 1) a summary of your experiences working within and across student organizations, and 2) an overview of your ideas for conducting outreach to students at Pace University.

Outreach Intern for Racial & Ethnic Diversity:
Submit 1) a summary of your experiences working with people from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds, and 2) an overview of your ideas for conducting outreach to students of color who are LGBTQA. 

Performing Arts Intern: 
This individual will be responsible for organizing and developing original LGBT related performances and for connecting the community to performing arts at Pace and in NYC. Please list the topics you would like to create performances for, what you envision for a performance and how you would engage and involve the Pace community in this initiative?

Programming Intern:
Prepare a step-by-step outline of how you would accomplish planning, hosting and advertising an on-campus event for the Center.  Describe, in detail, the steps that you would need to take in order to accomplish the event. What types of events or programs would you be interested in organizing? Please describe other events you have been involved in.

Social Media & Marketing Intern:
Please discuss how you would use social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, & Tumblr to 1) connect the community to the Center 3) promote events 3) create awareness about LGBTQ issues and initiatives.  What types of information would want to include? Please describe a clever way you would promote the LGBTQA Center using marketing or social media.

Writer/Editor Intern:
Submit 1) a writing sample of approximately 500-700 words, 2) a description of how you would approach assigning and coordinating work for a small team of student writers, and 3) if any, relevant experience working with publishing software, such as Microsoft Publisher.