LGBTQA Task Force

The LGBTQA Task Force consists of more than 80 students, staff, faculty, and alumni working to create campus environments that are inclusive and supportive of diversity in the areas of sexuality and gender identity/ expression. The Task Force promotes identity expression and exploration on all levels for all members of Pace University through advocacy, education, activism and collaborative programming.  The Task Force meets once every month. To find out how to get involved please e-mail or check us out on Facebook!


Task Force Accomoplishments Include:

  1. Creation of LGBTQA & Social Justice Center
  2. Addition of "Gender Identity" to Pace Discrimination Policy
  3. Support of Queer Studies Minor with Women and Gender Studies
  4. Establishment of the LGBTQA Alumni Committee
  5. Creation of the LGBTQA Cyber Center
  6. Establishment of the Hub, a student volunteer program
  7. Two commercials (1 & 2), Facebook Page, Tumblr
  8. Countless News Articles, It Gets Better Videos,
  9. LGBTQA Fairs, Programs, LGBTQA Student Life Presentations, It Gets Better Videos and much much more... Get involved, set the agenda, and get things done!


Thursday, January 31,  2 PM, Video Conference Rooms, NYC: E319 (One Pace Plaza), Miller 16 (Pville) & Grad Center


Friday, March 22, 2:30PM, Video Conference Rooms, NYC: E319 (One Pace Plaza), Miller 16 (Pville) & Grad Center

Friday, February 22nd, 2:30PM, Video Conference Rooms, NYC: E319 (One Pace Plaza), Miller 16 (Pville) & Grad Center

  Friday, April 26, 2:30PM, Video Conference Rooms, NYC: E319 (One Pace Plaza), Miller 16 (Pville) & Grad Center


Staff Members

Pace's diverse and robust staff is very involved in LGBTQA intitiatives on campus. Many staff members have programmed for the community and dedicated events and trainings to LGBTQA issues and initiatives.


Student Members

Our student members are the heart of this task force. Their willingness and readiness to engage this initiative reinforced the need to push so hard for it!  From Student fairs, to petitioning and creating beautiful logos, films and signs, the students are the driving force of this movement, and the reason any of us are here in the first place. After all, they were willing to “dance” for a center.


Faculty Members

Throughout Pace’s history, staff and faculty have made it a point to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and transgender community. Whether it has been through programming, speakers, teaching courses, or being a good ally and friend, the individuals listed below have served as pioneers and magic makers on our campus.   Their past, current and future commitment to our students is what makes Pace University beat day after day.


Alumni Members

Pace Alumni have contributed so much to the LGBTQA Task Force. Alumni attend meetings, speak to students at events, serve as mentors and have been generous with making donations to the the LGBTQA Center in order to fund vital programming.  Alumni members also sit on a separate LGBTQA Alumni Committee to set goals and network.