Spring 2013 Queer Studies Course Offerings

The Gay Male Experience, WS 296

3 Credits - CRN 22436, Prerequisite---You must have taken ONE of the following courses:  WS 215, WS 215C, WS 266, WS 296U, WS 268, WS 269, WS 196Q, or INT 297J
Honors Course

This course will explore historical and current representations of homosexuality and the communities past and present that gay men lived within and created, as well as their social, cultural, and artistic contributions. Students will learn about the historical roots of LGBTQ communities and contemporary issues in politics and culture as they affect gay men, such as military service and marriage equality. Students will also explore effects of minority status, heterosexism and homophobia on gay men's health, including but not limited to STD/HIV/AIDS and teen suicide.








Queer Theory- WS 369

Prof. Hsu, Tuesday 6:30pm – 8:45pm, CRN # 23320
Prerequisite:  Students must have taken ONE of the following courses: WS 196Q, WS 269, WS 250, WS 296W (The Gay Male Experience), WS 296S (Dress and Desire), WS 296A (Queer Cinema) or INT 297J.

“Queer” has become an umbrella term for the identity category that begins with the letters, “LGBT”…but what does it mean to be queer, in theory?  This interdisciplinary course -- and capstone for the Queer Studies minor -- surveys major concepts and schools of thought in the field of Queer Theory in order to explore the meaning of queerness as a category of radical difference that gives LGBT cultures their social distinctiveness as well as their political urgency.






Dealing With Difference: Lesbians in Literature & Film- WS 269

CRN# 23159, Mon. 1:25-3:15 p.m. & Wed.  2:30-3:25 p.m. with Prof. Karla Jay

This course examines some foundational works of film and literature by and about lesbian-identified women in the 20th century.  We will be reading fiction, non-fiction, and queer theory in addition to viewing documentary and narrative film produced in the U.S. as well as in transnational contexts. Counts for Queer Studies minor or WGS minor or major