Staff Members


Kelly Herbert, Counseling Center NYC, Alumnae


Marijo O’Grady, Dean for Students NYC

Lisa Bardill-Moscaritolo, Dean for Students PVL

Zoila Perez, Affirmative Action

Lisa Miles, Affirmative Action

Denise Belen Santiago, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Cornell Craig, Office of Campus Diversity PLV

Carmela Pastore, Student Development & Campus Life NYC

Richard Shadick, Counseling Center NYC

Brian Petersen, Counseling Center NYC

Molly Grimes, Counseling Center NYC

Andrea Winters, Counseling Center PVL

Jenna Cler, Disability Services NYC

Lisa Scott, CO-OP & Career Services

Rebecca Schnall, CO-OP & Career Services

Jeffery Blaisdell, Residential Life NYC

Debbie Levesque, Residential Life PLV

Jennifer Bernstein, Philanthropy NYC

Tiffany Lopes, University Relations