Library Mission Statement

Pace University Library
Mission Statement

As a unifying academic and scholastic model, the Pace University Library,comprisedof geographically distinct campus-based operations in Lower Manhattan and Westchester County, New York, operate interdependently and administered centrally through the Office of the University Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.


The mission of the Pace Library is to sustain a physically and virtually appealing environment that promotes learning, and supports effective teaching and scholarship. The Library fosters lifelong intellectual growth, discovery and self-fulfillment by providing all members of Pace University and the surrounding community with versatile access to needed information resources, research assistance, and guidance in developing skills for locating, evaluating and integrating information to solve challenges and fully participate in the global community as informed citizens..

Vision for the Future:
The Pace Library is truly at the center of the campus crossroads. As the focal point of technology-enhanced learning, it is an energetic information hub where users have access to a myriad of academic support services in a single location. The Library houses scholarly collections while it also provide an online gateway to globally linked knowledge and information sources to users all over the world. Assistance is also provided by cross-departmental teams of employees committed to user-centered service. Other librariesrecognize us as an exemplary model of the information commons and study our operations in the hope of mirroring our success in facilitating information literacy, media proficiency, technological fluency and innovative teaching, learning, scholarship and service.

Values and Guiding Principles:
Quality Service: Our sustainable commitment to effectuate success through customer satisfaction and attained by fulfilling the real expectations of library users.

User-Centeredness: Making user expectations a priority and engaging users in assessment to improve library services and resources.

Resourcefulness: Employing the multitude of expertise and talents of our diverse staff to strategically maximize the provision of products and services the users expect.

Teamwork: The commitment to work together diligently and scrupulously in order to "do what it takes" to keep operations running flawlessly.

Integrity: Upholding the unwavering principles, including reliability accessibility, promptness, and accountability to clienteles, in the performance of our duties.