APA Citation Style, 6th edition (2010)
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Database Item
Basic Instructions:
Author. (Year). Title. Journal Title, volume(issue if
        the periodical starts with page one in each journal),
        pages. doi
Andrade, M. S., & Bunker, E. L. (2009, May). A model
     for self-regulated distance language learning.
     Distance Education, 30(1), 47-61. 
 If the doi is difficult to locate, visit http://www.crossref.org and use the guest search to find the doi.
Online Book
Basic Instructions:

Author/editor. (Year). Title (edition), Producer (optional).
        Retrieved from URL

Example: Holland, N. N. (1992). The Critical I. Retrieved
     from http://web.clas.ufl.edu/nnh/criti.htm
Web Site
Basic Instructions:

Author/editor. (Date). Title (edition). Retrieved from URL

Example: Jones, D. (1999, July 26). The de Grummond
     children’s literature collection.
     from http://avatar.lib.usm.edu/~degrum/
Electronic Reserves (Article)
Basic Instructions:

Author. (year). Article title. Journal Title, Volume, Page
       numbers. Retrieved from electronic reserves URL


Example: Wilson, L., & Horch, H. (2002) What brain research
     says: Implications of brain research for
     teaching young adolescents.  Middle School
     Journal, 34
, 57-61.  Retrieved from
Online newspaper

Basic Instructions:

Author. (Year, month day). Title. Newspaper Title. Retrieved
        from URL


Example: McAteer, M. J. (1999, May 17). Animals benefit from
     alternative medicine. The Washington Post.
     Retrieved from http://washingtonpost.com
YouTube video
Basic Instructions:

Author. (Year, Month day). Title [Video file]. Retrieved
       from URL


Example: CSPAN. (2009, January 20). President Barack Obama
     2009 Inauguration and Address
[Video file].
     Retrieved from
Online Magazine
Basic Instructions:

Author. (year, month day for weeklies - month for monthlies).
        Title. Magazine Title, volume (if available), pages (if
. Retrieved from URL

Example: Tyre, P. (2007, Nov. 16). Standardized tests in
     college? Newsweek. Retrieved from 
Online Encyclopedia
Basic Instructions:

Author (if no author, title). (Date). Title of entry. Title of
 Publisher's location: Publisher.
        Retrieved from URL

Example: Alvin Ailey, Jr. Encyclopedia Britannica
     Britannica.com, Inc. Retrieved from
ERIC Documents
Basic Instructions:

Author. (date). Title (Report # if needed). Publisher location:
        publisher. (ERIC document number ED #) Retrieved
        from URL

Example: Henson, R. K. (2001). Relationships between
     preservice teachers' self-efficacy, task
     analysis, and classroom management beliefs.
     (ERIC Document number ED450084) Retrieved      
     from http://www.eric.ed.gov
DVD or Movie
Basic Instructions:

Producer & Director. (Year). Title of Motion Picture
         [Motion Picture or DVD]. Country of Origin: Studio.

Example: Grazer, B., Howard, R., (Producers) & Howard, R.
     (Director).  (2002).  A beautiful mind [DVD].
     Universal City, CA: Universal.
Basic Instructions:

Author. (Date). Title of post [Description of form].
        Retrieved from URL

Example: DeSantis, K. (2009, September 14).  NURS 110 Fall
     2009 [Web log message]. Retrieved from
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