MLA Citation Style, 7th ed. (2009)
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In the following examples, the titles of the journals are in italics.
Database Item         This format refers to all items that have been retrieved using a database.
Basic Instructions:
Author(s). “Item Title.” Journal Title series number (if relevant). volume number.
          issue number (if available). (Date): Page number range. Database name. 
          Web. Access date.
Tolson, Nancy. “Making Books Available: The Role of Early Libraries,Librarians,
          and Booksellers in the Promotion of African American Children’s Literature.”
          African American Review 32.1 (1998): 9-16. JSTOR.Web. 5 May 2009.


MLA guidelines assume that readers can locate most online sources by entering the author, title, or other identifying information in a search engine or a database. Consequently, the MLA Handbook does not require a Web address (URL) in citations for online sources. Some instructors may require a URL - include a URL only when you think a reader would need it in order to find the work cited or if your instructor requires it.


Online BookOnline Book
Basic Instructions: Author(s)/editor. Title. Edition. Publisher information, Year. Title of the Web site.
          Web. Access date. <URL>.
Davis, Elmer. History of The New York Times, 1851-1921.New York, New York
          Times, 1921. Google Book Search.Web. 5 May 2009. <>.
Web SiteWeb Site
Basic Instructions: Author(s)/editor. Title of the work. Title of the Web site.Publisher or Sponsor. Date
          of Publication. (if known)Web. Access Date. <URL>.
Example: Quade, Alex. “Elite Team Rescues Troops behind Enemy Lines.”
          Cable News Network, 19 Mar. 2007. Web. 5 May
Article Retrieved from Pace Library Electronic ReservesPace E-Reserves
Basic Instructions: Author(s)/editor. “Title of Article.” Title of Journal Volume.Issue (Date): Page
          number range. Pace University Electronic Reserves. Web. Access date.
Example: Hagemaster, J. “Use of Therapeutic Touch in Treatment of Drug Addictions.”
          Holistic Nursing Practice 14 (2000): 14-20.Pace University Electronic
. Web. 5 May 2009. <>.
Online newspaperOnline Newspaper
This entry is for an online version of a newspaper that is also in print.
Basic Instructions: Author(s). “Article Title.” Name of Newspaper. Publisher, Date created:
          pages. Title of the Web site. Web. Date of access. <URL>.
Crovitz, L. Gordon. “Google Searches for Property Rights.” Wall Street
. Dow Jones & Company, 17 Aug. 2009. Web. 5 May 2009.
YouTube VideoYouTube video
Basic Instructions: Author/corporate author. “Title of the work.” Title of the Web site. Publisher
          or sponsor of the site. Date created. Web. Date of access. <URL>.
C-SPAN. President Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration and Address. YouTube.
          National Cable Satellite Corp. 20 Jan. 2009. Web. 5 May 2009.
Magazine Article Available OnlineMagazine Article
Basic Instructions: Author(s). “Article Title.” Name of Magazine. Publisher, Date created. Web.
          Date of access. <URL>.
Example: Tyre, Peg. “Standardized Tests in College?” Newsweek. Newsweek, 16 Nov.
          2007. Web. 5 May 2009.<>.
Online EncyclopediaOnline Encyclopedia
Basic Instructions:

Author(s). “Title of Entry or Article.” Name of Reference Source. Edition.
          Name of database. Web. Date of access. <URL>.

Example: Barnhill, John. “Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union.” Encyclopedia of Politics.
          2005. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 8 Sep. 2009.
ERIC DocumentsERIC Document
Basic Instructions: Author(s). “Title of the Document.” Provider of the Report (Date of Publication):
          inclusive page numbers. ERIC. Web. ED#. Date of access. <URL>.
Example: Bradburn, Ellen M., David G. Hurst, and Samuel Peng. "Community College
          Transfer Rates to 4-Year Institutions Using Alternative Definitions of Transfer.
          Research and Development Report." Inst. of Education Sciences, Dept. of
(2001): 1-110. ERIC. Web. ED454301. 5 May 2009.
DVD / MovieDVD/Movie
Basic Instructions: Movie Title. Director’s name. Leading performers. Movie release year. Movie  
          distributor or studio, DVD release date. DVD.
Example: Saving Private Ryan. Dir. Steven Spielberg. Perf. Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore
          and Matt Damon. 1998. DreamWorks Pictures, 1999. DVD.
BlogBlog entry
Basic Instructions:
Author(s). “Title of Entry.” Blog Entry. Title of Blog. Date Posted. Date of
          access (URL).
Gatti, E. “Birnbaum Library Hours.” Blog Entry. Lounging Around the
          Library. 8 Sep. 2009
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