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Using the Pace Library Catalog provides a thorough guide in using the Catalog to locate books, journal titles, government publications, videotapes and other materials.   Information it covers include:
  • How to access the catalog from the library's home page;

  • Determining the type of search you want to perform in the catalog;

  • Limiting your result by date or location;

  • Viewing your results;

  • Locating the items on the shelves;

  • Requesting the item from another Pace library; and

  • Requesting items Pace Library may not own.

Note:  Substitute your research terms for the examples given.  For example, when performing a subject search you may type, telecommunication or communications; and as a word search telecommunications networking (with both words in the search box).

Although some of the information covered, like locating the item on the shelves, or limiting your result by location may not seem applicable, they are indeed useful.  The structure of catalogs are basically the same.  Therefore, if you are using your local library, you will want to know how to search the catalog there, limit your search, locate the item on the shelves, and request materials from another library if your local library has the material in another branch and provides library loan services.

Finding Books using the Pace Library Catalog, provides links that will take you to specific information for distance education students.