Pace Digital Campus FAQ

  • Who should I contact to request films for my course?
    Contact , 914-773-3945
  • I help posting the video link in my Blackboard course. Who can assist me to hyperlink only the title?
    Contact Joe Seijo for assistance, 914-773-3823
  • I can't view the video, it starts and stops. Who can help me with this?
    Contact Pace Help Desk to submit a Help Request, or send an email at Email Help Desk, 914-773-3333
  • How long can students in my class view the movie?
    Students in your class can view the movie several times within the semester if a semester purchase was made
  • I show this movie every semester. Do I have to submit a request each semester?
    If you show the movie every semester, a request for the academic year will be submitted. In this instance your request will be once a year.
  • Can I use titles other faculty have requested?
    Most definitely! You can request the movie file from the list of titles other faculty have already requested for their courses for no additional cost to Pace Library. Multple faculty can use the same title requested by others; just contact Medaline for the link.
  • How do I take advantage of the interactive platform?
    Refer to the Instructor Guide or the Student Guide if you're a student.