Instructional Services Team
Mission Statement

The mission of the Instructional Services Team is to: 

  1. Help members of the Pace community to acquire information literacy skills and become critical thinkers who are able to identify, retrieve, and evaluate information for use in academic pursuits as well as lifelong learning.
  2. Assist members of the Pace community to adapt intellectually and technologically to an increasingly dynamic environment.
  3. Teach with attention to learning styles, technological skills levels, and the increasingly diverse student population.

Goals and Objectives of Instruction:

  • Introduce students to the tools, resources and research skills necessary to complete course assignments and non-course related research tasks.
  • Promote critical thinking as well as the ethical use of information.
  • Increase collaboration with both faculty and librarians to design and enhance instructional activities that maximize available resources. 
  • Continually assess and evaluate instructional programs in order to measure student learning outcomes and student satisfaction.
  • Keep programs current with changing curricular needs and emerging and evolving technologies, including distance education programs.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this document, please contact Sarah Burns Feyl, Assistant University Librarian for Instructional Services, x33220

Be sure to consult the Instructional Services Web Page for library instruction services and request forms.