Scheduling Policies & Procedures

The Instructional Services Department of Pace University Library makes every effort to accommodate all requests for course-integrated library research instruction.  The goal of these guidelines is to ensure a positive experience for faculty, librarian-instructors, and students.
  1. All requests should be made at least two weeks prior to the requested date.  During peak instruction times (September-mid-November; February-March), three to four weeks’ notice is preferred because of limited room and librarian availability.
  2. Please give a minimum of two dates per instruction request in case we are not able to accommodate your preferred date due to limited librarian and classroom availability.
  3. Submit (email is preferred) the syllabus, research assignment, and sample topics to Instructional Services a minimum of five business days prior to the date of the Library Instruction Session. This is extremely important, as there is no “General” library instruction session.  Every session is tailored to the specific assignment and research topics of your class.  Student feedback shows that sessions are more effective when they have chosen their topics in advance.  If we have not received this information by two business days before the session, we reserve the right to cancel the instruction session.
  4. Participation by the professor during the library research instruction session is crucial to the success of the class.  Feedback from students indicates that levels of student engagement are higher when the professor is present in order to answer student questions pertaining to the assignment.  Any class that arrives at a library instruction session without a professor may be cancelled. 
Timeliness is appreciated.  Our sessions are designed to take the full amount of class time you schedule with us.