Lienhard Approach to Nursing

The centrality of the liberal arts and sciences. The balance of theory with practice. The development of moral and ethical values as a basis for critical thinking and accountability. These qualities characterize the Lienhard approach to nursing.

NursingThe vision is that the Lienhard School of Nursing will be a leader in innovation and excellence in education, research, and practice in primary health care. We consider teaching and learning our highest priorities, and are committed to the integration of scholarship and practice. Our graduates have the competitive edge through our focus on highly developed clinical skills and critical thinking, evidence-based practice, cultural competence, and leadership.  Our primary health care focus is intended to promote improved health outcomes for clients.  

Lienhard School of Nursing programs consist of the: 4-year BS, Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing or ABSN (formerly the Combined Degree Program) for non-nurse college graduates, MS/Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), MS in Nursing Education (NE), and the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). The FNP and NE program specialties offer Certificates of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS). The ABSN and the FNP are offered in PLV and NYC. The 4-year BS is offered only in PLV, the DNP is offered only in NYC, and NE is offered  in a hybrid format with classes meeting in person in PLV and NYC and online.
For more than 47 years, we have been educating practitioners to deliver health care to individuals and families. Our Masters programs are nationally ranked by U.S. News and World Report.  In addition, our DNP program prepares nurses for the most advanced level of clinical practice.
Our faculty of excellent teachers and clinicians partner with New York’s premier hospitals and health care organizations to share their expertise while creating unparalleled clinical experiences for Lienhard students. Students are immersed in evidence-based practice throughout their program. As a result, our graduates are prepared to be leaders in both academic and health care settings.  Pace will help you work toward the greatness within you.
The College of Health Professions has two centers that support the academic mission of the College:
  • ALPS - the Center of Excellence: Advancing Leadership, Partnerships and Scholarship.  The Center is dedicated to supporting the academic mission of the College through external funding, facilitation of faculty scholarship, student scholarship, assistantship, mentoring opportunities, local, national, and international partnerships, and leadership development. The Center provides opportunities for faculty to develop their scholarship in education, research, and practice through a variety of partnerships, and access to internal and external funding. The Center facilitates student-centered learning experiences, such as attendance at professional meetings and conferences, to further enhance the high-quality professional education of LSN students to prepare them to embrace the professional challenges in health care in the 21st century. The Center promotes leadership development in nursing and health care. 
  • The Clinical Education Labs (CEL) offer state-of-the-art resources on both Pleasantville (PLV) and New York City (NYC) campuses.  The CEL offers a variety of clinical focused learning opportunities ranging from fundamental skills to high fidelity simulation.  This is accomplished through the utilization of a wide array of methodologies including task trainers, Human Patient Simulators and Standardized Patients (actors who play the role of patients).  Hospital-like settings and clinic simulated environments provide students an opportunity to practice skills at basic and advanced levels across the curriculum. The CEL’s equipment and design replicate various healthcare settings including pediatrics, maternity, medical-surgical and critical care units.   Human patient simulators (HPS) including METIman, SimMan Essential, SimMom, SimJunior, SimBaby allow students to practice skills, develop critical thinking and improve performance in a safe and nurturing environment through scenario-based educational experiences.  The CEL is equipped with video capture and play-back capabilities which encourage student self-reflection and opportunities to identify areas for improvement in small group debriefing sessions.