Baccalaureate Expected Student Learning Outcomes

Within the framework of primary health care and consistent with professional standards, the student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate critical thinking in the use of the nursing process.

2. Provide culturally competent relationship-centered care to individuals, families, groups and the community.

3. Provide comprehensive and technologically competent care to clients.

4. Integrate concepts of communication, holism, health promotion, and disease prevention in the delivery of care.

5. Establish community partnerships promoting health from a local through global perspective.

6. Apply nursing theory and research in an evidence-based approach to nursing practice.

7. Demonstrate accountability for the legal and ethical principles of professional nursing practice in a socially responsible manner.

8. Perform entry-level nursing leadership behaviors within the health care system.

Accepted by the LSN Faculty Association, August 26, 2008