Doctoral Expected Student Learning Outcomes

Within the framework of primary health care and consistent with professional standards, the student will be able to:

1. Synthesize relevant theories from a variety of disciplines to develop frameworks for culturally competent, evidence-based advanced practice nursing in primary health care.

2. Guide the provision of culturally competent evidence-based primary health care to individuals and populations in a variety of primary health care practice settings.

3. Evaluate evidence related to clinical, educational, cultural, and organizational issues, needs and challenges to recommend a course of action for best practices in primary health care.

4. Design mentorship roles in primary health care clinical practice in the development, implementation and evaluation of culturally competent, evidence-based best practice protocols and projects.

5. Integrate relevant information technology to support culturally competent, evidence-based primary health care delivery.

6. Create change in health policy using the best available evidence with a culturally competent primary care perspective.

7. Develop collaborations with other disciplines and essential stakeholders to provide culturally competent, best practices in primary health care.