Master's Expected Student Learning Outcomes

Within the framework of primary health care and consistent with professional standards, the student will be able to:

1. Use theory from wide range of disciplines to facilitate and provide primary health care.

2. Provide culturally competent, holistic health care that affirms human diversity and commonalities and addresses the concerns of aggregates.

3. Evaluate the health of individuals, families, groups, and communities using ecological and global perspectives.

4. Initiate change to improve nursing practice and primary health care delivery.

5. Apply theory, research, and other accepted forms of evidence to provide evidence-based practice.

6. Manage human, fiscal, and other health care resources to provide high quality, cost-effective care.

7. Demonstrate skill in collaboration and leadership within the context of interdisciplinary health care systems and policy arenas.

8. Demonstrate accountability for ethical decision-making in the provision of primary health care.

Accepted by the LSN Faculty Association, August 26, 2008