2010 Highlights

Dear Lienhard Community:

As 2010 ends and we look toward 2011, we reflect upon major milestones from the past year.

Lienhard’s Growth

As of fall 2010, we have more than 1,000 students including undergraduate, graduate, DNP, and PA students.  Because of the large number of students, we have been able to hire eight new faculty members, including a new Associate Dean for Faculty Development in Scholarship & Teaching (their bios are available online at /lienhard/faculty/).  In addition, we now have a mentoring program in place for both current and new faculty to ensure high quality teaching for our future nurses.

LSN recently welcomed the following new faculty.

  • Philip A. Greiner, DNSc, RN, Associate Dean for Faculty Development in Scholarship & Teaching and Professor
  • Marie Charles, MA, RN, Clinical Instructor
  •  Lakeisha Nicholls, MA, PNP, RN, Clinical Instructor
  •  Marie Truglio-Londrigan, PhD, RN, Professor
  •  Mirian Zavala, MSN, RN, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Jon Barone, DNP(c), RN, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Renee McLeod-Sordjan, DNP(c), RN, Clinical Assistant Professor
  •  Rachele E. Davis, MS, FNP, RN, Clinical Assistant Professor


Another highlight of 2010 for Lienhard was the accreditation of the DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) program by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

CCNE visited the DNP program for initial accreditation in April 2010; CCNE undertook an in-depth process to assess the program.  They visited both the Pleasantville and New York City campuses to interview school and university officials; program faculty, students, and alumni; and community representatives. The team reviewed information in the self-study document, on Web-based course-management systems (Blackboard), in the resource room, as well as other materials provided at its request. In addition, the team also observed classroom and clinical activities.

CCNE concluded that the program met all four of their accreditation standards:

  • Mission and governance,
  • Institutional commitment and resources,
  • Curriculum and teaching-learning practices, and Individual Student Learning Outcomes, and
  • Aggregate Student Performance and Faculty Accomplishments

The visit went extremely well.  CCNE had no compliance concerns. Lienhard was delighted with CCNE's extraordinarily positive report. 

You can learn more about the DNP program here; dates for upcoming information sessions are here.

PA Program Moves

In an effort to showcase the breadth of health science majors at Pace University, the Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant Studies Program, housed in Dyson since its inception in 1997, joined Lienhard in 2010 to form a new school of health professions.

With more than 1,300 applicants for the 50 students who are admitted, the Master's of Science in Physician Assistant Studies Program is one of the most competitive majors at Pace.  This move underscores the University's commitment to strengthening our student academic experience by developing communities of students with similar academic and professional aspirations.  It also allows for greater multi-disciplinary interaction, reflecting current trends in the health science professions.

The baccalaureate and master’s programs of Lienhard are fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education; this change will in no way affect nursing’s curriculum or accreditation. The Physician Assistant Program is fully accredited by The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant; this change will also not affect the PA curriculum or accreditation or the program's affiliation with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

We welcome the Physician Assistant Program and look forward to multi-disciplinary collaboration among our students, faculty, and staff. 

FNP and PA Get Major HRSA Grants

JsingletonnlLienhard was approved for a major HRSA grant of $1.4 million to educate Family Nurse Practitioners.  The award will provide a total of 60 scholarships -- 12 scholarships per year of $22,000 each, over the next five years, to Family Nurse Practitioner students who are in their final clinical courses.  These students will be trained to give culturally competent, evidence-based practice care. Furthermore, the grant addresses HRSA’s Advanced Nursing Education Expansion (ANEE) initiative goal of accelerating the graduation of part time students by encouraging full time enrollment.

According to Joanne Singleton, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, FNAP, Grant Principal Investigator, and Chairperson, Department of Graduate Studies at Lienhard, “Historically at Pace, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) students completed the FNP clinical specialty portion of their program in one calendar year, regardless of previous part time status in the program. Increasingly however, students are having difficulty accelerating to a full time pattern, primarily due to the financial stressors of graduate education. Through this grant, we will be able to support FNP Advanced Nursing Education Expansion awardees to accelerate from part time to full time, to expedite program completion and entry into primary health care practice.”

Jennifer Hofmann RibowskyThe Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant Program has received a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) award of $660,000, which will provide scholarships over five years to students in the Physician Assistant Program.  This grant will address the national and local shortage of physician assistants who practice in underserved primary care settings.

According to Assistant Clinical Professor Jennifer Hofmann Ribowsky, MS, RPA-C, “This grant will fund tuition and related educational costs awarded to PA students with an interest in and commitment to serve in primary care medicine.  The major goal is to increase the number of physician assistants who enter practice in underserved primary care settings, including family practice, general internal medicine, and pediatrics.”  

Hewitt Palliative Care Conference

Hewitt-PalliativeThe inaugural Hewitt Palliative Care Conference on November 5 -- made possible by the generous support of LSN alumnus and Advisory Board chair Jeffrey Hewitt -- brought together Dr. Pauline Lesage, Dr. Deborah Sherman, and Dr. Marilyn Bookbinder.  They focused on primary health care, cultural competency and evidence-based practice in palliative care.  Each speaker brought a unique perspective to these complex issues, and several included case studies to illustrate the difficult questions health care providers face.  Speakers addressed common myths around palliative care, best practices, and culture and spirituality in palliative care.  Our audience members left with important lessons to apply to their current practices.


Harvey Joins Lienhard

HarveynlHe’s revolutionizing the way we learn and teach, and playing a critical role in reducing health care errors. And he’s a virtual patient!  This year Lienhard welcomed a new addition to the family: “Harvey,” a cardiopulmonary patient simulator.
An $87,500 grant from the Hugoton Foundation enabled Lienhard to purchase “Harvey” for its New York City campus; another grant will enable us to purchase a Harvey for the Pleasantville campus.

“Harvey allows us to provide simulated learning experiences in cardiac skills for our advanced practice and entry-level nursing students,” says Interim Dean Gerrie Colombraro. “Our students are getting evidence-based learning experiences that are deeply meaningful while at the same time realistic and safe.”

Professor Joanne Singleton, PhD, has been working with aspiring Family Nurse Practitioners to help them hone their skills on Harvey. She said, “Harvey is truly a lifesaver; he is helping the nurses of tomorrow learn skills that will prevent health care errors that compromise patient safety. Mistakes can be made safely on Harvey that help students learn without any negative outcomes on real people. Students who work with Harvey will be less likely to make health care errors when it counts–in a real life situation.” Harvey can be programmed to have a variety of conditions that students diagnose and treat. 

Lienhard is Developing Our Strategic Plan

Lienhard has been engaged in the Strategic Planning process over the past year, and we are nearing completion with energy and enthusiasm!

At our committee meeting in June, we developed a strategic map that helped us hone in on the most important priorities. We established tracks of works and sub-committees.  We also gave the entire faculty and staff the opportunity to weigh in on our draft plan; then we shared the plan with students and alumni.  We invited all of our stakeholders to review the plan and offer their comments, questions, suggestions and feedback.  Armed with that information, we are currently finalizing the plan and looking to begin implementation soon.  Thanks to everyone in our community who weighed in on this important work! 

2010 has been a busy, fruitful year for all of us at Lienhard.  I wish you all a happy holiday season and I look forward to working with you in the New Year!

Gerrie Colombraro, PhD, RN
Interim Dean, Lienhard School of Nursing