The Lubin Professional Experience

Our students learn by doing as part of their classes in experience-based teams and clubs, and in one or more internships during their time at Lubin. When Lubin students graduate, and even before, they hit the ground running with skills and experience employers value. These experiences are consistently noted by students as life-changing opportunities that have provided them with direction for the future and the best experience of their time in college. These high-impact educational experiences place students in situations in which they have increased interaction with faculty and other students over longer periods of time than in traditional classes. Students develop new ways of thinking about problems and challenges working side-by-side with peers on intellectual and practical tasks, inside and outside the classroom.

In classes, Lubin students:
  [International Field Study to Russia]
Business Honors Program students on a field study trip in Moscow, Red Square
  • Participate in international field study courses where they travel and learn from faculty and professionals about doing business in other countries and regions of the world. Recent Lubin field studies locales include Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, India, and Israel.
  • Invest real money, funded by Pace, in the Student Managed Investment Portfolio class. Students learn while enjoying real world exposure to equity research and fund management and gain hands-on experience. The portfolio has earned a positive return consistently and class decisions have outperformed the S&P, Dow, and NASDAQ indices.
  • Work on a year-long advertising and integrated marketing communications campaign as part of the American Advertising Federation competition for a national company and brand. Lubin teams have consistently taken top spots in their regional divisions.
  • Work in teams in Finance classes such as MGT 490 on a simulated online Competition.
  • Engage in simulations as early as their freshman year in BUS 150 Contemporary Business Practice. Students work in teams to make real business decisions and learn the importance of team work and the interdependence of different business functions to the running of a successful business.
  • Form companies and take on executive roles in the capstone Business Strategy course. Students work together in teams to make strategic decisions and compete to achieve a high rank within the class and classes around the world based on how well they have managed their simulated business.
  • Participate in the Mock Trial Competition as part of a special Legal Studies seminar that enables pre-law students to experience what it is like to prepare a legal brief and argue a case in court.
  • Create business plans for start-ups as part of the Entrepreneurship Program's Business Plan Class.
In leadership organizations and teams, students: