Brazil Today

The Center for Global Business Programs (CGBP)
International Panel Series

"Brazil Today"
with Jordan Young, PhD, Professor Emeritus

Friday, February 27, 2009
2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Room W-513
1 Pace Plaza, NYC

[Brazil]   Jordan Young, PhD is a well known Brazilianist and has authored three books on Brazil: Brazil 1930 Revolution, Rutgers Press; Brazil 1954-1964, Facts on File Press and Brazil: the Emerging World Power, Krieger Press. Dr. Young attended Escola Livre de Sociologia de Sao Paulo and University of Sao Paulo in Brazil and is a graduate of Univesrity of California at Berkeley (BA and MA) and Princeton (Ph.D.). He did 2 1/2 years of field work in interior of Brazil (Minas Gerais, Fortaleza, and Belem do Para) and was in the US Army during WWII.

He spent a year with Chase Bank Investment Bank in Brazil and was a Pace professor from 1956 to 1990 and Director of the Brazilian Institute. Dr. Young has worked with Pace Environmental Law School at their conference in Porto Velho Brazil 2006. He has had numerous collaborations with other professors on Brazil issues.

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