Dr. Anne Witte - Author of Past and Future Cultures

The Center for Global Business Programs presents

Anne Witte, Ph.D.
Author of Past and Future Cultures
Assistant Dean & Professor of Culture and International Communication
EDHEC Business School, France
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Multipurpose Room
1 Pace Plaza, NYC

[Ann Witte]   Author of more than twenty publications, Anne E. Witte combines expertise in a range of the humanities and social sciences to provide interdisciplinary instruction to management students at EDHEC Business School (France) where she has held the position of Professor since 1991. Her research and writing address questions in cross cultural psychology, cultural history, literature, anthropology, international communication, and critical thinking.

Her unconventional book Past and Future Cultures takes the reader on a journey to explore the gradual internationalization of past cultures as they become the societies of the present. Eight thematic chapters investigate cultural and post-cultural manifestations of human diversity, offering to non-specialists an introduction to values, authority, transnational communication, social capital, and global civic concerns. Each chapter concludes with a focus on one contemporary civilization, or cultural sphere (Indian, Chinese, Central Asian/Arab-Islamic, Russian, Western Capitalist, South American, African, Japanese).
  [Ann Witte]

[Anne Witte]
Dean Anne Witte, Center for Global Business Programs Director John Meletiadis, Associate Director Brian Pew, and management professor Ibraiz Tarique speak before the lecture.
[Anne Witte]
John Meletiadis introduces Anne Witte.
[Anne Witte]
Anne Witte addresses students and faculty to discuss her new book, Past and Future Cultures.
[Anne Witte]
John Meletiadis and Brian Pew speak with faculty members Claudia Green and Ibraiz Tarique.
[Anne Witte]
Management professor Barry Gold speaks with students after Dean Witte's lecture.
[Anne Witte]
Marketing department chairperson Martin Topol and staff member Rachel Klingberg discuss the topics covered in Anne Witte's speech.