Brazil - Fall 2011 Management

Brazil – Fall 2011
Undergraduate International Field Study in Management
MGT 347
March 2012

The International Management Field Study to Brazil traveled with 18 undergraduate students from March 9th to March 18, 2012. For the 12th consecutive year, Dr. Claudia Green led an interdisciplinary group of Pace students to Brazil to learn about sustainability first hand from major international companies in Rio de Janeiro such as Petrobras as well as from entrepreneurs in the historic colonial Paraty and idyllic Ilha Grande. Students interviewed local people and business owners as they updated the Paraty Green Map ( and the Ilha Grande Green Map ( Using iPhone technology and an online survey instrument, students interviewed tourists about their views of sustainable business practices and the impact of the upcoming 2016 Olympics. With sustainability- economic, environmental and social/cultural as their focus, the students gained knowledge and firsthand experience meeting with businesses and local people in Brazil.

Eight Lubin students were each awarded $1,500 scholarships from the Figueroa Family Scholarships, for a total of $12,000 in funds awarded.

“My experience in Brazil was unbelievable! Not only did I gain a great deal of insight about an emerging country that will help me in my career, but I also established lifelong bonds with people that are like a family to me. It was also rewarding to know that our projects were making a positive contribution to society.”
-Alan Polanco

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]

“I can't even begin to imagine how this experience will open so many doors for me in the future from the contacts we made in Brazil to the great significance international experience has to prospective employers today. One scholarship and ten days in Brazil has changed my life for the better.”
-Adrian Simpson

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]
Favela Tour, Rio de Janeiro

“This trip was the most amazing experience and opportunity I've ever had and I highly recommend everyone take this course if they can. Dr. Green is a wonderful professor and I'll remember this trip and everything I learned from it for the rest of my life! I couldn't be more grateful and appreciative.”
-Arielle Maggipinto

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]
Green Mapping, Ilha Grande

“Whether we were learning about the affect society has on underwater sea life while snorkeling in Ilha Grande, or standing atop Corcovado Mountain gazing upon Cristo Redentor, Christ the Redeemer, I was constantly in awe at the beauty of this country.”
- Danielle Coffaro

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]
Ilha Grande

  [Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]
Arrival in Brazil

“The diversity, the language and the people of Brazil were remarkable. Traveling to Brazil was an enriching and eye-opening adventure. I was exposed to new ways of thinking and now have a better view on the world.”
-Allison Tresselt

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]
Amigos Digitais, Paraty

“I learned so many things while I was there. This included what the country's sustainability efforts were, how they were growing as an economy, how they are improving social life with technology and including everyone in that movement and the way that they live through their culture.”
-Francesca Trezza

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]
Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

“We had the opportunity to visit the IBM Smart Cities Central Commands Office in Rio where we got to learn how Rio is preparing for the upcoming mega events. This was interesting to see because you get to learn how they control/manage their city and prepare for unplanned circumstances.”
-Malini Periana

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]
Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]
Centro de Operacoes, Rio de Janeiro