Brazil - Spring 2015 Management

Brazil – Spring 2015
Undergraduate International Field Study in Management
MGT 347
March 2015

The International Management Field Study to Brazil traveled with 29 undergraduate students from March 13th to March 22, 2015. For the 15th consecutive year, Dr. Claudia Green and Dr. Casey Frid led an interdisciplinary group of Pace students to Brazil to learn about social entrepreneurship and sustainability from entrepreneurs and environmentalists in non-profits organizations such as ProNatura, Center for Digital Inclusion, Catalytic Communities, and O Sol in Rio de Janeiro.

They met and worked with Brazilian university students and business school faculty at The Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. Students interviewed local people and business owners as they updated the Paraty Green Map ( and the Ilha Grande Green Map ( With sustainability (economic, environmental and social/cultural) as their focus, the students gained knowledge and firsthand experience meeting with local businesses, non-profit and people in Brazil.

Ten Lubin students were each awarded $1,500 scholarships from the Figueroa Family Scholarships, and of these ten students, one outstanding student was awarded an additional $1,000 from the Scheinman Scholarship, for a total of $16,000 in funds awarded.

“Overall this trip to Brazil was – to put it simply – amazing. An unbelievable experience that was not only educational but also fun. It is truly remarkable how much more you can learn when you actually visit another country rather than just sit in a classroom and read books about it. Immersing students in other cultures is crucial in my opinion and these trips should be more accessible to all students.”
–Gina Pena

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]

“Traveling to Brazil is an experience I will never forget. It was a very educational trip where we were able to learn all about social entrepreneurship and sustainable nonprofit businesses. We visited many historical sights and had a true enlightening culture experience. Our class got to see the many beautiful parts of Rio De Janiero and the parts that the city struggles with the most. I will continue to recommend this incredible trip to everyone I know and I’m so grateful I was able to attend.”
–Briana Siaca

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]
Andrea Mascarenhas, speaker from Pro-Natura

“Taking this Field Study class to Brazil was one of the best decisions I have made since coming to Pace University. Looking back, I wouldn’t want to end my last year at Pace any other way. The places we saw in Brazil, people we met, the bonds we made between each other in those 10 days were the happiest memories of my trip.”
–Rasmita Budhathoki

“I have studied abroad previously with a University; however, no experience compares to visiting a Latin American country for the first time. Overall, a phenomenal experience!”
–Marina Milos

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]

“One of my favorite aspects of Brazil besides the beaches and food was definitely the people. The Brazilians were all very sweet and welcoming. Even though I do not speak Portuguese or Spanish they did their best they could in order to communicate with me. This trip was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I made many new friends from Pace University and strengthened some of the friendships I already had.”
–Kelly Donovan

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]
Rodrigo Baggio, founder of Center for Digital Inclusion (CDI)

“The last ten days that I just spend in Brazil were absolutely life changing. I really enjoyed Ilah Grande because of the one particular speaker Renee who really enlightened me with her lecture. She was a very inspiring woman who had a lot of perseverance and determination and she made herself.”
–Natasha Michael

   [Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro

“Experiencing the culture of the Brazilian people was my favorite part of this learning practice. We met with our project representative of Pro-Natura and learned about the favela community Saguiero. Going in with the mentality of how favelas are known as the slums of Brazil, I was exposed to a new side to the community.”
–Jonathan Gallego

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]

“The group tours were not only expertly organized, but exciting and enriching. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting historic sites and learning about the country’s origins. In addition to the impressive tour schedule, I reveled in our close work with social entrepreneurs. Working to better the environment and community was a heavy focus on the trip and our group was able to capture the essence of that very goal. Understanding the nature of discourse in the country and attempting to better it through charitable nonprofit work is deserving of attention. I am proud to have been in a situation where I could shed some light.”
–Brittany Katz

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]

“From the moment we stepped off the plane, we were exploring Brazil, meeting entrepreneurs, and immersing ourselves in the culture. The entrepreneurs we met had a spirit unlike anyone I had ever met before. My favorite experience in Ilha Grande was Lopes Mendes beach, which was by far the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my entire life. Our class left Brazil as best friends, having not had Instagram for 10 days, having hiked through the rainforest together, not having able to wear our fancy clothes or makeup, and experiencing the most beautiful, memorable and enriching trip together.”
–Devina Subedar

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]

“I love the fact that by being there I got to see the differences of what is actually going on socially in Brazil versus the stereotypes that we think and heard about. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to experience Brazil on a personal level and really get to see the more hidden aspects that a regular tourist would never notice!”
–Emileigh Beauregard

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Brazil]