Israel - Fall 2011

Graduate and Undergraduate Field Study in International Business and Management
MGT 347, INB 670 and MGT 630
January 2012

The International Business and Management Field Study was the first Lubin Field Study to go to Israel. Traveling from January 5th - 15th, 2012, led by Professor Bruce Bachenheimer and Dr. Eric Kessler, this course focused on technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Israel. During the trip, students visited such companies as ISCAR, Itmar Medical Center, Better Place, Omrix Biopharmaceuticals, Ashkelon Desalination Plant, Objet, and WAZE. The group also visited the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Tel Aviv University and participated in a panel discussion at Chiasma concerning the life science market in Israel.

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Two Lubin students were each awarded $1,500 Figueroa Family
, for a total of $3,000 in funds awarded.

“The experience I had in Israel exceeded my expectations. This was my first time visiting a country like Israel and it has truly opened my eyes to a new culture, environment, and way of life. I am grateful to have had such an organized Professor, as we were able to maximize our stay with multiple company visits. We were able to tour through manufacturing plants, see inside company headquarters, and talk one on one with CEO's. These lectures and visits allowed me to expand my business mindset by introducing me to business culture not yet known in the US. Not only were we able to see the business side of Israel but we were also able to gain a better understanding for their culture too. The sites we visited were absolutely breathtaking and unforgettable. Overall, Israel is a beautiful country with a lot to offer and a lot of potential and I hope to one day be able to visit again.”
From Justine's blog
- Justine Dungo, BBA '12

[Fall 2011 Field Study to 
Ashkelon Desalination Plant visit
[Fall 2011 Field Study to 
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

“January 8th, 2012. This morning our first stop was the Tel Aviv Stock exchange. Much like the NYSE, the Tel Aviv exchange is now computerized so we were able to listen to a presentation on what was previously the floor of the exchange. It was given by Kobi Avramov who is "Head of Research" at the exchange and he gave an interesting talk about the Israeli stock market, the economy, and the exchange itself. There were many graphs and charts on the Israeli economy and I found it amazing how fast they have been growing over the past decade. Their economy is heavily reliant on international business and it is remarkable how well they have fared over such a tumultuous time. It seems as though the companies and businesspeople have hit their stride maturing into a strong developed economy with great potential, I am excited to see what they can accomplish in the future.”
From Henry's blog
- Henry Kusjanovic, MBA/JD '12
[Fall 2011 Field Study to Israel]
MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Israel]
“Hearing about it could not compare to actually seeing it in person. Objet was probably the most amazing place we visited.”
From Eli's blog
- Eli Shulman, MBA '12

“Once it was time to leave it was sad because this was such an amazing visit but I was so happy that I had gotten the chance to visit Objet.”
From Anthony's blog
- Anthony Davolos, BBA '12
[Fall 2011 Field Study to Israel]
Objet visit

[Fall 2011 Field Study to Israel]
Tel Aviv Marina

[Fall 2011 Field Study to 
Itamar Medical Center visit
[Fall 2011 Field Study to 
The Old City, Jerusalem