Entrepreneurship Program 35th Anniversary

Pace University's entrepreneurship program is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. The undergraduate concentration in Entrepreneurship was established in 1979, formally offered as one of five concentrations in the Management major. 

Pace was founded by two entrepreneurial brothers over one hundred years ago. In 1906, Homer and Charles Pace borrowed $600 to rent a classroom in lower Manhattan to teach ten men and three women the principles of business. For over 100 years, Pace's motto has been Opportunitas and we believe that nothing is more synonymous with opportunity than entrepreneurship.

Pace has grown into one of the largest universities in New York State. Pace is a comprehensive institution, with campuses in New York City and Westchester County, enrolling some 13,000 students with more than 120,000 alumni. The University has six schools offering over 150 majors and 3,000 courses. Degree offerings range from associate through doctoral level programs. The dramatic growth of the institution from its entrepreneurial years to its current status as one of the larger, comprehensive independent institutions of higher learning has been chronicled as one of the more innovative and entrepreneurial educational development efforts in the United States. Peter Drucker, in his Innovation and Entrepreneurship(1985), cited Pace University as one of two "entrepreneurial universities" (pp. 93-94), steeped in entrepreneurial instinct and focused on seizing opportunities for educational excellence in a manner reflective of societal and market needs. 

Centers and activities that support Pace's entrepreneurship program include: 

Contact: Bruce Bachenheimer, Clinical Professor and Executive Director of Entrepreneurship@Lubin
Pace University, Lubin School of Business, One Pace Plaza, New York, NY 10038
E-mail: bbachenheimer@pace.edu, Tel: (212) 618-6663, Web: www.pace.edu/entrepreneurship

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