Management and Management Science Department

Alan Eisner, Department Chair, Ph.D., New York University
John Byrne, Graduate Management Program Chair, Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology
Larry Bridwell, Undergraduate Management Program Chair, Ph.D., Baruch College
Claudia Green, Director of Hospitality and Tourism Management Program, Ph.D., Virginia Tech
Alvin Hwang, International Management & International Business Program Chair, Ph.D., University of California

Welcome from the Department Chair, Program Chairs, and Directors

Management and Management Science Department Chairperson Alan Eisner
The Management and Management Science Department is one of five departments of the Lubin School of Business, Pace University. It is comprised of a diverse group of faculty and majors. Our faculty has interest and training in general management, organizational behavior, human resources management, entrepreneurship, strategic management, management science, operations management, international management and international business.

About half of the Department's faculty, in addition to publishing scholarly work, have five years or more of practical experience in the field serving as consultants or working in the field prior to joining the faculty. While the experience of our faculty is too broad to describe in a short paragraph, they have been asked to consult on a significant number of projects related to their areas of expertise.

This mixture of consulting and research in management by more than half of our faculty is consistent with our goal of showing how theory can enhance practice in the field. It also enables us to bring to the classroom examples from organizations showing how management theories can enable businesses to perform more efficiently and effectively.

Our faculty is dedicated to bringing up-to-date management theories and skills to students. We also emphasize the principle of "one size does not fit all." Simply put, this means that not every theory or practice will fit every firm. We believe our students must carefully select those that fit.

Our students leave with many concepts and skills including those that can be useful for motivating employees, dealing with international cultures, evaluating and developing business plans, judging strategies and setting objectives, leading, ethically working with stakeholders, adapting organizations for change, applying quantitative analysis, matching employees to job positions, benchmarking, efficiently setting up operations, and assuring that resources are allocated in a manner which reflects a corporation's strategy.

Our faculty care about the development of analytical skills, conceptual understanding, quantitative facility, ethical concerns, and communication skills. All students majoring in management have an advisor. We also support a variety of extra-curricular activities including INFORMS (the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) at the undergraduate level, which interests both management science majors and finance majors, and the Pi Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Iota Delta, the national honor society in the decision sciences, and the Pace Zeta Pi Chapter of Sigma Iota Epsilon, an honor society in management.

We have a club for management majors, the Management Society, and for international management majors, the International Management Organization. Further, we have a Pace Chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management for our human resources management majors. The Hospitality and Tourism Association (HATA) provides opportunities for Hospitality and Tourism Management students to gain value-added educational experience beyond their course work. For our highly rated entrepreneurship program, we offer the Pace Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs, the Pace Pitch Contest, where students have the opportunity to "pitch" their ideas for entrepreneurial activity and win awards for their ideas, and our annual Entrepreneur in Residence program. For all majors, we offer field trips to other countries which enhance their understanding of other cultures and the differing business approaches in the world.

For our hospitality and tourism majors, for which an internship is required, we have continuing alliances with the Intercontinental Barclay, Crowne Plaza, Marriott Hotels, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Ritz Carlton Battery Park, Millennium Hilton, the Stone Barn, and Holiday Inn as well as internship opportunities in restaurants and tourism firms. We offer a field trip on Ecotourism to Brazil on a regular basis which interests many of our majors including those in hotel management and international management. We are also a member of the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (ICHRIE). Other internships opportunities are made available to all of our majors through our Cooperative Education program.

Please explore the remainder of this section to obtain further information concerning our Department. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mission Statement

The Department views itself as a leader in the blending of management theory, faculty research, and practice into a curriculum that enhances: (1) theoretical understanding of management and its ethical obligations, (2) development of management skills through instructional innovation, (3) use of technology including management simulations and software, (4) understanding of how management activities affect the world and may differ internationally, and (5) ability to match management theories and techniques to specific situations.

The Department believes that all Business students must be prepared for entry into the management ranks as upward mobility invariably involves promotion into management. To support this eventuality, the Department offers core courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. We also believe that an array of majors is important to serve student interests and provide quality majors linked to a variety of careers. Our broader majors are often of particular interest to transfer students and students without specific management career goals while our more focused majors emphasize more explicit career goals and can provide the opportunity for an international emphasis in such areas of the world as Asia, Europe, and Latin America.