Monographs and Occassional Papers

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Joseph A. Russo, Jr.
Inter-Auditor Variability in Expert-Like Task Behavior: A Model and an Application: December 1998
This paper proposes a conceptual framework for process-based investigations of the sources of variation in expert-like task behavior between individuals who would otherwise be considered members of a homogenous group. Auditor expertise is explored by means of a model based on behavior automaticity. The model's major features are a hierarchical presentation of the underlying phenomena that determine how relative expertise in a task is perceived, identification of specific aspects of the observer-observed system through which assessments of expertise are made, and a discussion of their implications. The model's application is illustrated by means of an analysis of the observed behavior of four first-year auditors who performed audit-related tasks in simulated audit environments.
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William C. Freund
Reflections on a Lifetime in the Securities Industry: September 2002
The author, director of the William C. Freund Center for the Study of Securities Markets at the Lubin School and New York Stock Exchange Professor in the Finance and Economics Department, delivered this "At the Center" lecture at Pace University's Center for Global Finance on April 24, 2002. William C. Freund joined the NYSE as a senior vice president and chief economist in 1968 and remained in that post for almost 20 years. He has been teaching at the Lubin School since 1974. In this lecture Freund describes what it was like to be "in house" economist at the Exchange under for different CEOs.
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