Certificate Programs

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The Continuing and Professional Education Division

The Continuing and Professional Education Division encompasses the Financial Planning Certificate Program and the CFP® Exam Review Program. The Financial Planning Certificate Program fulfills the educational requirements necessary to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination. The program consists of seven courses: fundamentals of financial planning, insurance planning, investment planning, income tax planning, retirement planning and employee benefits, estate planning, and Capstone in Financial Planning. The Division also assists CPAs in meeting mandatory CPE requirements.

Other programs offered by The Continuing and Professional Education Division include:

  • HP12C/10bI I Financial Calculator Workshop (strongly recommended!)
  • CFP® 6-Day Exam Review Program (strongly recommended)
  • Certificate in Bookkeeping
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Exam Prep
  • Data Analysis Using Excel
  • Forensic Accounting

For more information, visit www.pace.edu/cpe, call 1-888-561-7223, or e-mail ContinuingEd@pace.edu.

Certified Compliance and Regulatory Professional (CCRP®)

At a time when the demand for trained bank compliance professionals remains among the highest in the industry, the Lubin School of Business at Pace University and the Association of International Bank Auditors (AIBA) have partnered to offer a comprehensive six-month certification program for bank compliance professionals

For more information, visit www.pace.edu/lubin/ccrp, or contact Brian Pew at bpew@pace.edu or 212-618-6444.

Certificate Programs in Business for Non-degree Students

The Lubin School of Business offers a number of certificate programs for non-degree adult students whose educational objectives can best be met by short-term concentrated study in business. The curricula for the certificate programs are drawn from Lubin's undergraduate business courses. Admission to the certificate programs in business, with the exception of the certificate program in business studies, requires the completion of 64 college credits or the equivalent. Completion of ENG 101-102 or the equivalent is a prerequisite for all certificate programs in business. In special cases, prerequisites may be waived for students who have equivalent knowledge or preparation.

Certificates offered include: For more information, visit www.pace.edu/lubin/certificates, call 914-773-3746 or e-mail aceplv@pace.edu.

Advanced Graduate Certificate Programs (AGC)

Professionals with advanced degrees often need additional training in order to stay current with developments, to handle new responsibilities, or to qualify for licensing or certifications. Lubin's Advanced Graduate Certificate Program (AGC) is designed to meet the specialized knowledge needs of professionals who already have an MBA or an MS in a business discipline. The 12-14 credit program can be pursued part-time in New York City or White Plains, and may be completed within one to three years. Programs are tailored to individual needs.

Certificates offered include: For more information, visit www.pace.edu/lubin/agc, call Dr. Yurkiewicz at 212-618-6567, or e-mail him jyurkiewicz@pace.edu. Students who have an MBA or MS from Pace University may fill out a Resumption of Graduate Studies form at the registrar, e-mail Dr. Yurkiewicz (jyurkiewicz@pace.edu) for guidance, and you are in! Students who have an MBA or MS from another university should apply at the Office of Graduate Admission in New York City: 212-346-1532, gradnyc@pace.edu or in Westchester: 914-422-4283 or gradwp@pace.edu