Return on Investment - Advancing Your Career

What's Your Return on Investment From the Pace Executive MBA?
The Pace Executive MBA is a long-term investment having immediate yields with benefits to you and your employer. You will acquire new skills, fresh perspectives and creative approaches to solving real-world problems. Your newly acquired skills can be immediately applied, bringing innovative ideas and a renewed focus to the workplace.

For Participants
As a student in the Pace Executive MBA Program, you will grow personally and professionally through participation in a project-based curriculum and peer-learning environment. A unique aspect of the Pace program is the project based (rather than course based) program structure. It also provides a holistic understanding of management tools and their application. This focus provides you an excellent background for decision making at present and future jobs. The program's content is designed to be immediately applicable to you and your organization and the programs distance learning format enables you to continue with your career while earning your degree. Participants also enhance their team-building skills and benefit from active participation in discussions and activities.

Leveraging Your Talent
By studying how firms and different industries apply business practices, you will acquire new frameworks for thinking through individual challenges. Insights from disciplines such as management, marketing, accounting, finance, strategy and operations prepare you for broader management responsibility.

The Impact On Your Company
Class exercises and group projects enable you to apply your knowledge to your organization's current business challenges, both collaboratively and individually. While completing group projects, you can study effects of change, acquisitions, mergers, strategic alliances and proposed initiatives within the firm. This focus provides excellent background for decision making at your present job.

Positioning For Your Success
The Pace program hones your ability to identify and seize opportunities, foster professional relationships across major industries and compete globally. You will have access to an extensive network of alumni in virtually every industry throughout the world. Prepared to take on leadership roles, you will be poised to guide any type of enterprise through rapid changes and challenging conditions. Your Pace EMBA is an investment in your future.

The Pace Executive MBA Network
Graduates of Pace gain admission to the School's extensive alumni network. The international network of over 100,000 alumni stretches across 42 countries, and has a far-reaching influence. Our alumni share common experiences and mutual friendships and take pride in their achievements and in those of the School. Surveys of our alumni show there is a significant increase in responsibility between positions held at the start of the MBA and those occupied after completion.

National Recognition
"....The (Pace) EMBA program is highly innovative, ahead of its time, and unique in the marketplace."

Richard E. Sorensen
Chair, Board of Trustees
AACSB International


(left to right) Charles Leontsinidis (Mercer Delta Consulting), Jacqueline Tobar (Morgan Stanley), Nikhil Taskar (Nanocrystal Lighting Corp.), Chris Roker (Beth Israel Medical Center)

Pace's project approach encourages intense collaboration among students and between students and faculty throughout the program.

"I entered the program hoping to make a career change, I didn't think that the industry I was in (construction) offered me the long-term challenges I wanted in a career. I soon realized that this notion was inaccurate: the opportunities and challenges available to me, armed with the well-rounded business education I received, have created seeming limitless opportunity! My company (I since have taken a position with a Fortune 200 home builder) has allowed me to flex my business acumen in the projects I oversee; having an education in Accounting, Finance, Operations, Marketing and more allow me to interact on an intelligent level with the most senior people in the organization. The program allowed me "pick my spots" on where I wanted to put the most focus, while providing a cross-functional exposure to virtually every key aspect of business today. I recommend it to everyone I think is qualified; one person from my company has just accepted an invitation to join the next cycle."

Keith Murray, Cycle 3
Project Manager
Pulte Homes