Express Advising

General Policies
  • 1. Express Advising will only be offered on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). This can be downloaded for free at . Students may not request that advisers speak with them via another IM method including MSN, Yahoo, Gmail Chat, or Facebook.
  • 2. You do not need an appointment to speak with an adviser via IM; however, you may only contact the adviser during posted IM advisement times. If you would like to contact the adviser during offline hours, please do so via their Pace email address or by calling our office.
  • 3. If an adviser is busy chatting with another student, their status will read "away". Please only contact an adviser if their status says "available".
  • 4. In order for the adviser to most accurately answer your questions, and to ensure your security, you must introduce yourself with your full name and university ID number ('U' number) at the beginning of the chat. If you cannot provide your university ID number, the adviser will not be able to advise you via IM. Instead, you may email the adviser or make an appointment by calling our office.
  • 5. If your questions require the adviser to have your student file, or require further investigation, the adviser may ask you to make an appointment for follow up. Please understand this is for your own benefit so that the adviser can give you the most accurate information possible.
  • 6. All IM's with advisers will be printed out and kept in your advisement file.
  • 7. There may be times when an adviser is not online during their scheduled Express Advising hours. If this happens, please contact our office to speak with someone.
  • 8. Express Advising should be treated as a professional exchange with the adviser. That said, please refrain from "IM Language" or "IM Slang" such as 'LOL', 'OMG', 'BRB', 'JK', etc. Also, please type out full words (for example, please type "you" instead of "u"). While we understand that this is not the norm for IM, it will help the adviser appropriately give you information.
  • 9. Be prepared with the questions you would like to ask before contacting the adviser.
Office of Graduate Academic Advisement & Student Development
NYC: 212-618-6440
WP: 914-422-4188 (all campuses)