Certificates in Business

The Lubin School of Business offers a number of certificate programs for students whose educational objectives can best be met by short-term concentrated study in business. The curricula for the certificate programs are drawn from Lubin's undergraduate business courses.


ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: The certificate programs are only open to non-degree adult students. Admission to the certificate programs in business, with the exception of the certificate program in business studies, requires junior standing (the completion of 64 college credits) or the equivalent. Completion of ENG 101-102 or the equivalent is a prerequisite for all certificate programs in business. Some certificate programs require students to also meet specific course prerequisite requirements. In special cases, prerequisites may be waived for students who have equivalent knowledge or preparation.

TRANSFER CREDITS: Students may transfer only one course (excluding ENG 101-102) completed with a grade of "C" or better to a certificate program. The acceptance of transfer credit to a specific certificate program is determined by the appropriate Lubin department.

GRADE REQUIREMENTS: A Pace University certificate is awarded upon completion of each program with an average of "C" or better. Application for the certificate should be made to the Office of Student Accounts and Registrar Services prior to completion of the program. In general, courses completed for a business certificate program may be applied to the BBA.

ACADEMIC ADVISEMENT: Students who have questions about the certificate programs or need assistance in determining whether they qualify for admission should contact the Lubin Office of Undergraduate Academic Advisement on each campus or the Office of Adult and Continuing Education .

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at (914)773-3746 or aceplv@pace.edu

Certificate programs are currently available in the following business areas:

Required Courses (20 credits):
ACC 203 Financial Accounting
ACC 204 Managerial Accounting
ACC 301 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 302 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 319 Cost Accounting

Required Courses (19 credits):
CIS 101 Introduction to Computing
ECO 105 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics
LAW 101 Business Law I
ACC 203 Financial Accounting
MAR 250 Principles of Marketing
MGT 250 Managerial and Organizational Concepts

Prerequisite: MAT 103 or the equivalent. Upper sophomore standing (completion of 45 college credits) or a minimum of three years of relevant work experience is a prerequisite for MAR 250 and MGT 250.

Required Courses (15 credits):
MGT 250 Managerial and Organizational Concepts
Select any FOUR from the following:
LAW 310 Employment Law
MOT 322 Organizational Behavior
MGT 362 Human Resources Management
MGT 363 Training and Development
MGT 364 Organizational Theory and Development
MGT 366 Leadership Principles and Practice