MBA in Business Management

The Lubin School of Business offers four MBA tracks in management.

Change Management
The MBA in Change Management will give you an infinite number of career opportunities within various business entities, which are all in need of a well-educated managerial staff. As business expands in the global marketplace, industry needs new managers who are intimately familiar with changing technology, expansion into new markets, enhanced communications, and the needs and requirements of managing a business effectively. Organizations are eager to identify viable leaders and managers that the growing industry demands. Career opportunities exist worldwide, especially for those who are able to anticipate and plan accordingly. Being aware of the diversity of our world's cultures is also addressed in the program. Through Lubin, you gain a solid foundation in business strategy, skill in managing and leading in evolving business environments, and opportunities to specialize in advanced strategy.
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The MBA in Entrepreneurship gives you the quantitative, analytical, and strategic skills you need to identify new products and services and bring them to the appropriate markets. You will leave better able to quantify risk, manage a small business venture, and identify workable opportunities. Through Lubin's MBA in Entrepreneurship you gain essential business skills, an edge with new ventures, and tools for leading innovation.
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Human Resources Management
Through the Human Resources Management MBA at Lubin, you gain experience with the best current theory and strategies for implementing, evaluating, and improving HR practices. You'll prepare for a career field that, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, is expected to grow faster than the average for all other fields. And you'll gain the theory and practice to enable you to analyze, design, and evaluate human resource systems and processes across the full spectrum of human resources management functions. Through Lubin, you gain knowledge in essential areas of HR, a variety of functional specialization areas, and valuable experiential learning opportunities.
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Strategic Management
The MBA in Strategic Management will give you a broad and deep skill set that can be applied across a range of business disciplines - both domestically and globally. With formal training in strategic business you will position yourself for an accelerated path to new heights, either in your current organization or in a new setting altogether. You'll learn how to recognize, analyze, respond, and strategically plan for such environmental factors as changing laws; accounting, financial, and economic challenges; technological changes; organizational and sociocultural issues; and domestic and international trends. Through Lubin, you gain a solid foundation in business strategy, skill in adapting to evolving business environments, and opportunities to specialize in advanced strategy.
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MBA in Business Management Degree Tracks
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The MBA in Management program is ranked among the best Masters in General Management by EDUNIVERSAL, an organization which ranks the top global business programs in the world.