Become More Marketable With a Lubin Minor

Every profession has a business component, so even if you are not pursuing a business major, a minor from Lubin will give you an edge. And if you are a business major, keep in mind that every industry is complex and your career path will evolve throughout your professional life. By choosing to minor in a specialized area of study, you:
  • Expand your knowledge base and skill set
  • Make yourself more marketable domestically and abroad
  • Widen your professional network
  • Enjoy the outstanding reputation of Lubin
  • Receive world-class instruction from Lubin faculty
  • Can draw on the extensive student support Lubin offers
Powerful Lubin Minors

Gain deeper understanding of financial data, better analysis of that data, and more insight into accounting and taxation issues that may affect any organization. Lubin is recognized internationally for the quality of its accounting programs—in fact, Pace University began as a school of accounting.
>> Accounting Minor

Arts and Entertainment Management
This minor is designed for students with an interest in pursuing a career in the arts or entertainment industries. The minor is open to students in any major, but is particularly suited to performing arts students who want to learn the business side of the industry, media and communication students who want to develop industry specific business skills, and business majors who want to learn more about this particular set of industries. The program leverages our New York City location as one of the arts and entertainment capitals of the world. (At this time, courses specific to the minor are only available on the NYC campus.)
>> Arts and Entertainment Management Minor

Business Minor for Non-Business Students
This minor may be taken in conjunction with any non-business major. The list of subjects may be extended or substitutions may be made depending on the student's interests. Upper-sophomore standing (completion of 48 college credits) is a prerequisite for MAR 250 and MGT 250. Students successfully completing this minor with a minimum grade of "B" in each course will satisfy the foundation courses in accounting and economics required for the MBA at Pace University and many other institutions.
>> Business Minor for Non-Business Students

This minor prepares students for careers in entrepreneurship and small business. It focuses on providing students with the skills that they will need to initiate and manage business ventures, including developing business concepts and investigating the feasibility of those ideas.
>> Entrepreneurship Minor

Fashion Marketing
The fashion industry has seen considerable growth in all segments of the retail industry from mass market to luxury and designer retailers. With this in mind, students will explore the core marketing activities surrounding the world of fashion. Students will learn marketing principles, practices, and policies used by fashion manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. In the last few years, students have worked for or interned with major fashion companies such as Full Beauty Brands, Hugo Boss, Revlon, Refinery 29, Gucci, Conde Nast, and Hudson Bay Company.
>> Fashion Marketing minor

Internal Auditing
Designed for accounting majors or non-accounting majors at Lubin, this minor develops your skills in audit judgment, ethical frameworks that guide actions, understanding the client's business environment, and applying a risk assessment model to each audit. You will also master advanced audit techniques that emulate the real world. The field of internal auditing is one of the fastest growing professional fields in the world of business; this minor from Lubin gives you a powerful edge in the job market.
>> Internal Auditing Minor

Designed for non-finance majors at Lubin—as well as students majoring in information systems, computer science, economics, and mathematics—the finance minor gives you one of the most marketable skill sets in business.
>> Finance Minor

Designed for students from a wide variety of academic areas including business, this interdisciplinary minor delivers a broad understanding of the legal system and connects you to a wealth of professional opportunities. The pre-law minor is an excellent path for Lubin students who are considering using their business education and training as undergraduate preparation for law school.
>> Pre-Law Minor

Professional Selling and Sales Management
This minor will prepare students to initiate customer relationships, approach customers, deliver sales presentations, as well as be prepared to utilize sales methodologies appropriate for direct interaction with customers, team selling, and various activities that support the sale of goods and services.
>> Professional Selling and Sales Management

Designed for both business and non-business majors who are considering law school, this minor delivers a comprehensive study of legal cases and systems, rigorous analytical and critical thinking skills, and advanced communication skills, which are sought after by employers in virtually every professional discipline.
>> Law Minor

Designed for non-management majors, this minor gives you a portfolio of management skills to improve your project planning, organizational development, managerial decision making, and team leadership. Develop new areas of expertise and enhance your professional marketability with a minor in business management.
>> Management Minor

Designed for non-marketing majors, this minor offers an in-depth exploration of the world of advertising, marketing, international marketing, Internet marketing, and marketing management, among other areas. With this added knowledge of a business-critical discipline, you expand your professional network and career possibilities.
>> Marketing Minor

Quantitative Business Analysis (QBA)
Designed for non-QBA majors, this minor equips you with quantitative modeling and data analysis skills that can be applied in virtually any field of business. With a QBA minor, rarely offered at the undergraduate level, you will be more marketable to graduate schools and employers, and enhance your ability to reach the next professional echelon.
>> Quantitative Business Analysis (QBA) Minor

Special Events Marketing
The minor in Special Events Marketing provides students with specialized knowledge and a broad background in marketing that will prepare them for careers in special events marketing and planning. The minor is open to non- marketing majors in Lubin as well as to Dyson majors and other non-business students.
>> Special Events Marketing Minor

Sports Marketing
The minor in Sports Marketing provides students with the unique opportunity to combine out of classroom experiential learning opportunities with specialized knowledge gained in classes led by faculty specialists in their field. The minor is open to non-marketing majors in Lubin, as well as to Dyson majors and other non-business students
>> Sports Marketing Minor

The Tax Minor is designed for students interested in the challenging and rewarding field of taxation. While it is open to all students, it is very well suited for accounting majors in the 150-credit BBA Public Accounting major, which is a CPA qualifying program. The Tax Minor provides CPA majors with an area of study related to their accounting major and prepares them for careers in tax accounting, an area where many CPAs specialize.
>> Tax Minor
Business Minors
Choose Lubin for Your Undergraduate Business Education
  • Nationally and Internationally Ranked by reputable agencies and publications such as U.S.News & World Report's Best Colleges 2012.
  • Internationally Focused: Study in the business capital of the world with a diverse multicultural student body, an ideal preparation for doing business in an increasingly complex global environment.
  • Practice Oriented: From the professional background of your professors to class projects with your peers, your Lubin academics transform theory into practice at every step.
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