Lubin Alumni Achievement Scholarship Award

This endowed scholarship award, made possible by proceeds from the annual Lubin Alumni Achievement Award Luncheon, is presented to outstanding Lubin students.
  [Sam Asbeck]
Thanks to your scholarship support, students like myself can take advantage of the opportunities that Pace has to offer, while lessening the burden of paying for our educations. Pace has given us confidence that our dreams and ambitions can be fulfilled through education, hard work, and perseverance.

- Sam Asbeck, 2009 Alumni Achievement Award scholarship recipient, delivering his acceptance speech on behalf of all ten student recipients
  [Sigrid Richards]
This is exactly what Lubin is in the business of doing: taking students and giving us the tools that we need to realize our potential to be outstanding leaders.

- Sigrid Richards, BBA/MBA '08, 2007 Undergraduate Alumni Achievement Award scholarship recipient, delivering her acceptance speech on behalf of all ten student recipients
The award is presented to both undergraduate and graduate students. To qualify, applicants must be recommended by faculty and advisement staff. They must also demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, financial need, and service to the University and/or community. The application deadline is in late October/early November each year.

Past Recipients
Arianne Esposito    
Ilona Gordon
Kateryna Legkodukh
Ursula Vero
Genevieve Aruede
Sam Asbeck
Anny Guan
Bryant McNulty
Tomasz Nesteruk
  Yiu Chun Ng
Richard Patterson
Thomas Shay
Alexander Veytsman
Farah Yar
Rishi Agnani
Amy Ching
Marvin Kwok
Nadiya Marusyak
Charko Patterson
  Jacqueline Pelliccia
Rimma Rovinskaya
Guilherme (Will) Santos
Sheryl Simonitis
Siddhart Vats
Graduate Recipients
Gobind Basur '08
Elizabeth Lenny '08
Sigrid Richards '08
Marina Slavina '08
Maria Tomassi '08
Undergraduate Recipients
Sandra Juliano '11
Tara Lantieri '08
Irina Marutova '09
Lorynn Riley '08
Riddi Shah '10
Graduate Recipients
Jennifer DiChiara '08
Raizel Moskowitz '08
Anthony Natole '09
Demetrios Stamoulakis '08
Guixin (Teresita) Wu '08
  Undergraduate Recipients
Jane Dubin '09
Jeccy Heng '11
Nicole Ogando '11
Alexandra Vasendin '11
Cai Yun (Julie) Zhao '07
Graduate Recipient
Siddhartha Bhattacharya '07
  Undergraduate Recipient
Kamini Mankaney '06
2004: Timur Rakhmanov '05
Click to read Timur's acceptance speech.
2003: Erica Caplan '04
2002: Shal Chowdhury '03
2001: Colleen Kirk '02
2000: Jessica Rubin '02
  1999: Lisa Heffron '01
1998: Michael J. Frawley '99
1997: David A. McEvoy '98
1996: Irene Isidro '98
1995: John Bivona '96
1994: Shonette Harrison '96

[Timur Rakhmanov]   "The faculty and administration of Lubin and Pace that made it possible for a 16-year-old boy from Tashkent, Uzbekistan who could hardly speak English to become an investment banker on Wall Street, to become a community serviceman and an individual, all in three years. I feel honored, humbled, and deeply moved that Lubin School of Business should give this important scholarship to a simple guy like me. I believe this endowed scholarship is recognition of the true value of commitment, hard work, and positive attitude which I try to practice, in accordance with the culture of success here at Lubin School of Business where collegiate and professional opportunities abound and where knowledge is gained and excellence is instilled. "
Timur Rakhmanov, BBA '05
2004 Lubin Alumni Achievement Award Scholarship recipient