Spring 2005

Spring 2005 Entrepreneur in Residence Cake Man Raven
aka Ice Man
Founder, Cake Man Raven Confectionery

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[Entrepreneur in Residence Cake Man Raven]
New York City
[Entrepreneur in Residence Cake Man Raven]
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Raven Patrick De'Sean Dennis, III, grandson of the late Mrs. Evelyn Nowlin Murrelle, son of the late Raven Dennis, Jr. and Mrs. Ruth Murrelle Dennis, currently resides in Linden, New Jersey.

A native of Harlem, New York, a young Raven "Cake Man" Dennis, III, dreamed of going south to grandma's house and soon his dreams were fulfilled. At the age of four, he wanted to do everything he could to stay outside. Striving to be like grandma, Raven grew flowers and vegetables, and made mud pies and mud cakes, while his grandmother baked and cooked family dinners. At nine, he made his first cake and at 13, sold his first creation: two coconut pies to his elementary school teacher Gloria Bowman for $5.00, which currently sell for $16.00 in his Brooklyn Confectionery.

During his years in high school, his talents in pastry arts allowed him to win cake shows and compe¬titions all over South Carolina. Soon his high school teacher introduced him to Marketing & Distributive Education Clubs of Americas, where he competed in the area of entrepreneurship. His business plan won the top state award in 1984 and 1985.

While holding the title of Mr. South Carolina, he then went on to the national competition in Kansas City in 1984, and received honors in the San Francisco finals in 1985. Raven returned with top hon¬ors and a scholarship.

After graduation from Mt. Pleasant High School, he carried the name "cake boy," later maturing to Cake "Man" Raven, a name given to him by the local newspaper, The Lee County Messenger.

He continued his education at Johnson & Wales University and Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Holding his South Carolina business cards in pocket, which simply read "All Occasion Cakes," he aspired to go to Cornell University for graduate school, but when his grandmother died in December 1989, his plans were shattered. He returned to Johnson & Wales in 1998 to pursue a Masters Degree in Education while working as an Admissions Officer for Johnson & Wales and as an undergraduate advisor of the Lambda XI chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

During this period throughout college, Raven worked at the New York Hilton Hotel as a room service waiter and later became night captain. During the dayshift, he worked at Georgeson's on Wall Street in a stock brokerage firm. After finding that numbers were not his forte, he returned to making wedding and special occasion cakes.

In addition to his travels in "Cakedom," there is yet an untold story; he is also called "Ice Man." He has carved ice in the historical World Trade Center's Windows on the World. He created ice carvings for the Grammy Awards from 1986 to 1988. He also worked with International Management Group as a corporate dining room manager. Amidst the turmoil, Raven decided that he would bake full-time in his apartment until he was able to rent a storefront or purchase a building.

In December of 1991, a reporter wrote an article on the Cake Man calling him "Harlem Cake Man Raven." Within the same week, CBS Weekend news called, and filmed a program on the cakes called "The Rage in Harlem." Raven's experiences in the south created the training that enabled him to travel the world with his cake creations. He has created cakes in eighteen states and four countries worldwide. The year 2000 brought tragedy to "Cake Man’s" life when his father died. However, the darkness soon turned to light. Raven transitioned into his life’s goal of owning a full-service bakery and confectionery, obtaining a space at 708 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, which has been the official home of "Southern Red Velvet Cake," a thriving business for the past four years. The signature cake, the Red Velvet, has been sent to Japan for Thanksgiving; Manchester & London for Valentines Day; and Hong Kong on tour with a local dance company. The Grammy Awards, Espy Awards, Daytime Emmys, Apollo Hall of Fame and Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, have all been the back drop for his creations.

Cake Man prays that God will continue to bless him in his business, community and life endeavors.

Greatest Cake Moment
When Patti Labelle licked her purple shoe-shaped 50th Birthday Cake.

Greatest Accomplishment
Celebrating his 20th Year Anniversary at Florence Civic Center on October 7, 2001, and thanking his first customers one-by-one.

Worst Moment
Receiving the news of the passing of his grandmother while serving the late vice president Spiro Agnew's planning committee luncheon.

Cake's Motto
"If I can help somebody along the way then my life shall not be in vain."

Word to the Wise
Hold on to your senior elders in life. Their lessons will be your homework to answer life's greatest question: "How shall I live?"

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Edible Replicas
Low Rider of Young Buck Quinti
Christian Dior Bag for Mary J. Blige
Mother Zion's 200th Anniversary
Shoes for Patti Labelle
75th Birthday of the Empire State Building
Piano for Patti Labelle
Gray Montone
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