Spring 2014 Executive in Residence

[Doug Herzog]   Doug Herzog
Viacom Entertainment Group

Thursday, April 10, 2014, 2:15 p.m.
Schimmel Theatre, One Pace Plaza
New York City campus


Doug Herzog is President of Viacom's Entertainment Group, comprised of Comedy Central, Spike and TV Land.

Under Doug's leadership, the three networks have launched some of television's most successful original franchises including "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," "The Colbert Report," "South Park," "Hot in Cleveland" and "Inkmaster." Now, Doug is expanding those brands onto emerging platforms, including mobile apps, Web sites and video-on-demand.

Doug began his Viacom career at MTV in 1984 just three years after the network's launch. There he developed and supervised MTV News and popular shows including "The Real World," and "Unplugged," as well as "MTV Movie Awards" and "MTV Video Music Awards."

In 1995, Doug became President of Comedy Central. In addition to launching several current signature series, he also was instrumental in developing the network's "Roast" franchise.

Doug served as President of Entertainment for FOX Broadcasting Company (1998-2000). Among his successes at FOX were the hit comedy "Malcolm in the Middle." He was also President of USA Network (2001-2004) and continued his emphasis on original programming, including developing the award-winning "Monk."

Doug began his career at the newly launched CNN and SuperStation TBS. He rejoined Viacom in 2004.

He received his BS from Emerson College where he now sits on the board.


Photos and Highlights from Executive in Residence Doug Herzog
President, Viacom Entertainment Group
Thursday, April 10, 2014

[Doug Herzog EIR]
Addison O'Donnell, president of AEMIN, introduces Doug Herzog

[Doug Herzog EIR]
"You guys are living in the greatest era of television... South Park on Comedy Central, Breaking Bad or Mad Men on AMC, House of Cards on Netflix. It's a great time to be developing content."

Doug Herzog's advice to students: “Be good, tenacious, and lucky.”
[Doug Herzog EIR]
Herzog gave advice on how to break into the entertainment industry: "[An interview] is your opportunity to sell yourself. Get in there and get the job done. Convey: I want to be here, I want to do this."

[Doug Herzog EIR]
"Content is the most important thing. Everything starts with content. It makes all these things work. You gotta have hits; as long as you do, everything else takes care of itself."

[Doug Herzog EIR]
Doug Herzog and the executive board of AEMIN

[Doug Herzog EIR]
Student leaders had the opportunity to meet with Doug Herzog and ask questions after the interview

[Doug Herzog EIR]
Lubin student Joanna Franco discusses the entertainment industry with Doug Herzog

[Doug Herzog EIR]
Lubin student leaders and Dyson performing arts students enjoyed the event

Highlights from Doug Herzog's interview with Dean Braun:

  • "When you see the Comedy Central insignia, it stands for something. Brands are enormously important... The viewers know our brand, they know us, they trust us. If they don't like something, they'll let us know."

  • "Anyone who comes to my office asking about a job, I ask them what they're doing. Are you writing? Are you shooting? It's 2014. There's no excuse. If you really want to do it, you should do it."

  • "If you can see where you want to go, you have to start moving toward it. If you can see it, do whatever it is you need to do. You have to go to it. It does not come to you."

  • "Here's my intern resume advice. When you get in the room, this is your moment. Can you do what I need you to do every day?... Sell your confidence, your abilities, your desire, your passion."