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[Andrew Varanelli]  
Andrew (Andy) Varanelli began at Pace as director of the Computer Center in New York City in 1968. He was a tenured faculty member within the Management Department at Lubin, but also taught computer science in his early years at Pace.

In 1978, Andy was appointed chair of the Undergraduate Management Department in New York City. In this capacity, he was instrumental in forging new majors and in developing a niche for the Management Department. Under his leadership, the Management Department developed new majors including business management, hospitality management, human resource management, international management, and management science at the undergraduate level.

Andy also strongly believed in computer support and pursued and implemented the use of a computer simulation in the Management Department's undergraduate capstone strategy course in 1980. That tradition continues within the department to this day, almost 30 years later. Andy also created PC-based software and simulations as early as 1988 for Random House, which he co-authored with Dan Baugher, the current chair of the management and management science department. He continued his interest in computers with his assignment to the position of director of Technology for Lubin in 1997.

Andy's interest in technology also fostered his development of Pace's Executive MBA program (EMBA). He joined with the late James Hall to implement the innovative and acclaimed program in 2000. Andy maintained a keen interest in this program and always looked forward to interacting with the program's students.

It is not easy to summarize all that Andy did for Lubin and Pace over his long history with the University and School. Andy was frequently called upon to lead difficult and new transitions for the School. While his first assignment involved leadership of the Management Department after its separation from the Accounting, Finance and Management Departments, he also headed other important transitions and initiatives over the years.

Andy served as chair of the Reorganization Committee in Lubin in the years prior to Lubin's AACSB accreditation. In that capacity, he developed, with the faculty, a plan for merging many academic departments, including graduate and undergraduate departments, and those across campus. Through his leadership, faculty agreed to the mergers despite a natural reluctance. As a result, Lubin was reduced from more than 20 departments to five, which enabled the School to more effectively prepare for AACSB initial accreditation. Following this, Andy became chair of the combined Management and Management Science Department, a role that he continued through 1995. In this role, it was necessary for Andy to gain the trust of a diverse group of faculty, which he did with little difficulty.

Andy continued to maintain his interest, through the years, in research and teaching as well as administration and service. He was a dynamic and creative teacher and was awarded Lubin's Most Innovative Teacher award by the faculty in 1998. In 2004, he and his co-authors were recipients of the Most Innovative Journal Article award by the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI), a highly respected research organization in the field of management and management science. In 2007, he was inducted into the DSI Hall of Fame for researchers, which includes respected researchers designated over its 35 year history. Still, service to the University was always an overriding goal for Andy. In keeping with his success in service, he received the University's Distinguished Service award in 2007.

Andy also enjoyed working with business and was sought after by many firms and executives. More than a few of his assignments involved high profile projects including the New York City Metrocard and initiatives for the Executive Department and Division of the Budget of New York State, including the state's comparable worth project under then Governor Mario Cuomo for equalizing the pay of men and women in state employment. The respect with which Andy was held by these organizations is best exemplified by his continuous consulting with them since 1981 through a number of governors.

Probably the most difficult thing to convey in words for Andy is the respect and trust that was placed in him by faculty, deans, and University executives. Andy was a regular source of optimism. He was trusted and always willing to take on difficult assignments. His character was a source of strength for him as a leader and it is as memorable as the roles and activities in which he engaged.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Andy lived in Cranford, New Jersey, for over 35 years. He was a Korean War veteran where he served with the 101st Airborne Division. He served as treasurer of the General Anthony C. McAuliffe NY-NJ Chapter 101st Airborne Division Association. He was also a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He served as president of the Board of Directors of United Cerebral Palsy of Union County and was a member of the Cranford Zoning Board of Adjustment. Andy's love of animals inspired him to support many agencies dedicated to the protection of animals.

Andy received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Brooklyn Polytechnic University, his MBA from Pace University, and his Doctorate of Education in management from Rutgers University.

Our dear Pace colleague passed away on May 17, 2008. He was the devoted husband of Joan and beloved father of Andrew and James. Known for his willingness to lend a helping hand, he helped many of his colleagues in their early years at Pace. His contributions to Pace and