Fall 2007

September 28, 2007

Pace University and Queens College students teamed up with IRS criminal investigators
to investigate hypothetical financial crimes as honorary "IRS Special Agents for a Day."

Student undercover agents try to act inconspicuously in the Bingo Casino as they get ready to apprehend the suspects.

Bar keepers, just before the IRS special investigation agents come in to make the arrest

Bingo Casino in full swing. Lots of criminal and undercover activity takes place in the Bingo Casino.

Students on right look on as Criminal Investigators from the IRS demonstrate how to enter a room in order to apprehend criminals.

Student agents at work, undercover

Pace students practice their apprehension and arrest techniques on each other.

Beta Alpha Psi students man the "Bingo
Casino," a front for financial crime activity.

Participants attending a Scam Tax Evasion Session where the suspect is trying to get people to sign up for his "Avoid Paying Taxes" session.

Undercover student agents take a lunch break to discuss their findings with special criminal investigation coaches.

Participants of Pace University and Queens College and Special Agents from the IRS during the final ceremonies and awards for the September 28, 2007 Undercover for a Day program.