Lubin Forum on Contemporary Accounting Issues

The Lubin School of Business at Pace University
The Center for the Study of International Accounting Standards
in conjunction with
The International Accounting Standards Foundation
present the

Global Accounting Standards: Shooting the Rapids

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Annual Accounting Conference 2009]
featuring (left to right) Tom Jones, Director of The Center for the Study of International
Accounting Standards; Ian Mackintosh, Chairman of the UK Accounting Standards Board;
John B. Veihmeyer, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG LLP; Americas Chairman, KPMG International;
and James L. Kroeker, Chief Accountant of the US Securities and Exchange Commission

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 Press coverage:

"In Focus: Lubin Forum on Global Accounting Standards," CPA Journal, June 2010
"A One-Two Accounting Punch?", May 18, 2010
"SEC Chief Accountant Says Convergence Need Not Be Completed by June 2011," Journal of Accountancy, April 27, 2010
"IFRS Delay Helps Some Companies," WebCPA, April 27, 2010
"Unfazed by IFRS,",, April 30, 2010

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Photos and Highlights from the
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Accounting Conference]
Joseph R. Baczko, Dean of the Lubin School, welcomes conference participants.
[Accounting Conference]
Opening keynote speaker Tom Jones, Director for Lubin's Center for the Study of International Accounting Standards, discussing the importance of the US adopting IFRS.
[Accounting Conference]
FOX Business Network reporter Tracy Byrnes (left), raises the question: How will IFRS affect small businesses?
[Accounting Conference]
Panel I participants, left to right: Aaron Anderson, Director, IFRS Policy & Implementation, IBM Corporation; Jack Klingler, Director, Accounting Research & IFRS Implementation, Alcoa Inc.; moderator Tracy Byrnes, Reporter, FOX Business Network; John (Jack) McGinnis, EVP & Chief Accounting Officer, HSBC North America Holdings; and Linda Mezon, Chief Accountant, Royal Bank of Canada.
[Accounting Conference]
Mary-Jo Kranacher, Editor-in-Chief, CPA Journal, interviews Ian Mackintosh, Chairman, Accounting Standards Board, Financial Reporting Council (UK). "Going forward we don't want anything taken out of IFRS ...continue full adoption. "[We] have to be sure [to not] make this a US vs. Europe debate."- Ian Mackintosh
[Accounting Conference]
Tom Jones and John B. Veihmeyer, CEO, KPMG LLP and Americas Chairman, KPMG International
[Accounting Conference]
John B. Veihmeyer (left), CEO, KPMG LLP and Americas Chairman, KPMG International, opined "[It is] critical that universities start educating the next generation of accountants in IFRS," while being interviewed by Alan Murray, Deputy Managing Editor and Executive Editor, Online, The Wall Street Journal.
[Accounting Conference]
Panel II participants, left to right: Patrick Finnegan, Board Member, International Accounting Standards Board; Christian Frenes, Managing Director, Active Equity, TIAA-CREF; moderator Emily Chasan, Accounting Correspondent, Reuters; Robert J. Kueppers, Deputy CEO, Regulatory & Public Policy and Vice Chairman, Deloitte LLP; and Kaustav Sen, Associate Professor of Accounting and Ernst & Young Research Scholar, Lubin School of Business, Pace University.
[Accounting Conference]
"Convergence is not a destination. The SEC six point plan will provide the basis for completing the process. The ‘US is in the game' message needs to be sent." - Robert J. Kueppers
[Accounting Conference]
Floyd Norris (right), Chief Financial Correspondent, The New York Times, interviewing James L. Kroeker, Chief Accountant, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
[Accounting Conference]
In response to Norris' question concerning Sarbanes-Oxley: "Auditors are extremely important [in] enforcing compliance [and] working hard to do the right thing." "Principles-based rules don't work well if the people using them aren't principled." - James L. Kroeker